Monday, May 11, 2009


During the break between sets Saturday evening I demonstrate the subtle, yet ever so handy pose known as "Pensive". I'm sure Randy and Martina are throwing this pose all over creation today after learning it's value.

Practice this in the privacy of your home today. Use it whenever someone asks you a question that you can't immediately answer. You'll look dapper AND smart.

Please... please... carry on.

On another tangent, and there's always another tangent, my blog was nominated for a major award yet again. This time it's Blogger's Choice Awards 09 in the humor category and Rae nominated it. Now I'm not quite up in the top 10 ranks just yet, actually I went to the effort to find my ranking and I'm back there on page 307 (out of 384 so I'm not quite in last place) but so far I have 0 votes. Now I don't understand how ol' Rae coulda nominated Sawdust and Cowpies without tossing in a few votes, where the hell is Acorn when you need 'em for a little added voting power?

Here's my official badge of honor...

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!

Awesome huh?



Wait... I need to say this...



Sass said...

Shut UP. You do pensive?!?!?

When my friend and I drink too much (which is RARE, I tell ya)...we do poses in front of the camera. She'll start clicking away and saying, "Okay Sass, give me pensive."

That's a personal favorite.

Are you and I twins?

'Cause I think Mo. Stoneskin is my cousin, so maybe you're my twin?

Rae* said...

Dear Mr. Pensive,
As your campaign manager I took the liberty of voting for you twice. And yes, there will be a plane available for you. I got a good deal on chartering Air Force One. I hear it does publicity fly overs.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I always practice drinking in the pivacy of my own home. Oh wait, that's not what you meant huh?


- Jennifer

Stacie's Madness said...

lmao...congrats on your nomination!

mo.stoneskin said...

I've been trying to master that pensive look for years and I'm delighted that you have taught me. I'm even more delighted to find out that we are cousins.

Char said...

Man...that is some kinda pensive. Thanks for teaching us what it should look like.

Cora said...

Dapper is damn right. *wink*

Jerry said...

I like the look, Jace, but the hook in that pic is the awe in the faces of the youngsters. You've touched the world around you and I'm sure you're right about Randy and Martina emulating.... :)

Clyde said...

I've seen that look before! Not on you, but on someone who's told me our wine has pretentious overtones of burgundy. I kid you not. much.

Congrats on the nomination...I'll go vote for ya!