Monday, February 22, 2010

Motivation, Revelations, Warnings...

Sometimes it's the little things on the big O internets that give me the most amusement.  A veritable myriad of websites allow you to make your own posters and things poster-like... I took some of my pics and made you something.  You can print them out and tape 'em on the fridge and tell folks your kids made them.  It's okay.  I'll play along.

Click 'em to see 'em in their bigness.

An odd thing in the clearance aisle of Wal Mart, quite outdated too I might add.

We got a freakin' deluge of snow here.  God made this for me.  I enjoyed it, as you should too.

A regular player here at S and C.  You know it, you love it.  T.O.D.

My cousin's wife actually made this.   It possibly has the ability to follow you around. 

One of the psycho sisters... "Stupid" I think.

Finally... I know you're not tired of this one yet.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Cold Cold Heart Of Valentines Day

  Today, you're gonna get a video that will... I promise... make you smile for 4 minutes.  If you've got nothing else going on for the Valentines thing this weekend, this is a poor replacement for that, but still, you're gonna smile for 4 minutes.  Maybe more.

  Last weekend Sal and I went sledding with the kids and our daughter Nicky got a great series of pics and a sled crash of epic proportions.  I threw 'em together, added a little bit of silly dramatic music and, as they say in the Ta Da business... VOILA!

  Sally, I love ya baby.  Here's to many many more Valentine Days for you and I, and to my readers, happy Valentines day to you as well.

If you can't see the embedded video click this to go directly to the youtube.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Stewie Pants

Hey!   Did I mention that Jake's girlfriend Holly got me new Stewie Griffin PJ's for Christmas?  I didn't? 


I know.  This will probably be the new wallpaper on your puter.    By the way, and still being respectful and stuff... but Roxie looks very Asian in this pic doesn't she?
Alrighty, I got things to do today.  Man the torpedos Capn'!  Fire in the hole.  etc etc.