Sunday, June 29, 2008

(*&%^### CHAINSAW!!

Chainsaws. You either love 'em or hate 'em or couldn't care less about 'em. Guess that pretty well covers any topic or object on earth though.

On the farm we use chainsaws a lot for gobs of different stuff and there's usually one handy wherever you're working... so some of 'em just don't get used a lot. My Stihl here at the house is one that just doesn't see a lot of use. It's probably getting close to 15 years old still looks and runs great... usually.

Couple of weeks ago, after one of the storms blew through here, there was a limb on one of the trees out by the driveway that broke and was dangling down and I decided I'd just get out the chainsaw that hadn't been started in over a year and whack the limb off real quick like. I dug it outta the corner where I keep it, yanked the rope 'bout 4 or 5 times and I'll be danged if it didn't start right up. Just like that! Magic.

I tottered off across the yard with the saw, revvin' it up and goofing around, get to the tree and just start to cut the limb and -------------- dead saw. I yanked the rope until I saw stars and went back to the shop, took off the gas cap... empty. So I filled the thing up and proceeded to pull the starter rope until my right arm was so pumped up with blood it looked like it was all affected by steroids.

So, I went back in the shop and took the air cleaner off, put a new spark plug in, cleaned the air cleaner, put it back together... looked at the chain, it was kinda dull... so I sat down and filed it sharp. Then I went back outside and yanked on the rope some more.

I yanked that stupid starter rope until I got dizzy and swear I was having a heart attack. I stood there looking at the damned thing... then went into a second wind frenzy and yanked it again probably 50 times. I got so light headed I hallucinated myself up a flashback of going in the girls bathroom in second grade by accident.


So, 'bout once every 2 or 3 years, I have to put a carburetor kit in the thing when the diaphragm cracks from just sitting around. This was probably the 3rd year since I'd done that. I'd lost interest in using the chainsaw at this point though and just drug out a ladder and a handsaw and hacked the stupid limb off old school style.

I'll fix the chainsaw later.

All this comes to a song. I was coming home from Kansas City today, went out to visit my daughter Amanda and her husband for the day, when on the way home I had on a kick ass rock station on the radio and a song came on that brought back memories and a lotta laughs.

My daughter Nicky and I used to laugh our butts off at this song. It's by a band called Jackyl and the song is "The Lumberjack". The singer in Jackyl, Jesse James Dupree, actually plays the stinking chainsaw like an instrument and makes it sound cool as all get out and sends me and Nicky into the giggles whenever we hear it. So... here y'ar, the official video. The Lumberjack.

And if you ain't got enough of it with THAT version... here's a long winded live version. 'Ol Dupree.... now right there is a good ol boy. LOL

Eh well... hope alla y'all had as great of a weekend as I did.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weather Is Still The Topic 'Round Here

The water just keeps coming. Some towns around us got 7 to 9 inches of rain in one fell swoop the day before yesterday. One little town got almost 11 inches outta that storm... and it hasn't stopped yet. It rained last nite... a lot. It rained more today and as I write this, there's two more doozies building in Kansas and Nebraska heading this way.

The Mississippi river towns are asking for help with sandbagging operations on the local news. Levees are popping all over. Reservoirs are full to the bursting point and are dumping water out the spillways as fast as they can, which just adds to the volume of the rivers.

I'll just post some pics that Sal and I took around here. Some of you probably have seen some of them elsewhere.

These first pics that Sally shot are of a wall cloud that came over our place the other evening. I don't care who you are... that's a cloud that'll get your attention and hold it. There was some swirling action going on in spots but no tornadoes dropped down out of it.

Next pics are some more that Sal got when we went into town yesterday. That's 2 new highway lanes under construction where you see the equipment and bridge pillars. Might be a good time to build higher...

I had to go up to the farm today and patch some fences that the water had torn down. At one point I had to drive through about 300 feet of water over the road, with lots of road torn up by the water as well. This shot is just north of us about 2 miles. This little creek is usually about 15 or 20 feet wide... it's about 1/4 mile wide here. Surreal to see it like this.

Welp, there you go. Lotta water huh?


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

... And It Rains.

First, thanks for the emails and stuff concerning my concerns with the concernity (lol) of my saga with my $12. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately... I got busy this week with stuff and haven't had the chance to take up arms against the empire again. Maybe today is the day. I'll keep you filled in.

And now, we need a break from the rain. Seriously. This is just out of hand now. Folks all up and down the rivers are getting washed away, the most prime and productive farmland in this whole country is under water. Here where we live, we're on high enough ground to have our home safe, at least til I see pairs of animals strolling by on their way to the big boat. But it's rained enough that there are thousands and thousands of acres that are not planted yet.... and it's pretty much down to the wire now. We haven't been able to get any hay cut and baled, and we've got about 300 acres of it that we haven't touched, that is now past being prime feed and is starting to go down flat to the ground.

It really ain't too pretty.

Yesterday our power was off and on all day with the weather. Finally at the last outage I just gave up and went to bed. And the weather that caused it? I have no idea how many inches we got yesterday and last nite and is still coming down hard this morning, but here's the field across the road from our house. That usually is a small ditch that you can step across. Most of the field is under water now and rising.


So I thought I'd throw in some nice quotes about rain, but most of 'em made me gag, so I've got some of my own as well.

“The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.” Longfellow

“I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again.” Arthur Freed

"Oh rain, oh rain, oh glorious rain. BEAT IT!" Jace Weber

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” Tagore

"Rain? Again? Gimmee my gun Sal, I gotta weatherman to go obliterate!" Jace Weber

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” Chesterton

"I think there's an aligator in the basement" Sally Weber

“I love the rain. I want the feeling of it on my face.” Mansfield


“If love is shelter, I'm going to walk in the rain.” Unknown

"Look honey... there goes the neighbors house down the creek. Look! They're waving! Hi Dale! Hi Linda!" Jace Weber


Sunday, June 22, 2008

You Receive 50% Discount Sir.

I dealt with customer service from Hell yesterday. I got the badge and the wound to prove it... wanna see?

I wanna preface this whole thing with this:

1. All previous dealings with customer service with this company have been with clear english speaking reps.

2. All previous dealings with customer service with this company have ended with me or my wife being thrilled silly and them bending over backwards to make us happy.

3. It WAS the weekend so I'm assuming that THATS the reason why my CS deal was farmed out to some dude in India scared for his job, and not kept onshore like it always has been in the past.

4. It's nearly impossible to reach through a phone line and throttle a lil feller half a world away that's ruining my morning.

5. It was all over $12. I'm tenacious.

So I was purchasing an item that was sold by an outside seller (Musicians Friend... a large online and catalog music supply warehouse). I had over $500 in Amazon gift certificates that I'd been saving up, so naturally I wanted to buy the item through Amazon instead of Musicians Friend... where I'd have to pay for it out of pocket.

The rub on this whole thing was, IF I purchased it direct from Musicians Friend, I got free shipping, which was $24 if I purchased it from them on Amazon, and I didn't wanna be penalized the $24 just because I wanted to buy it from Amazon... so I called up Musicians Friend and told "Audrey" of my plight. Audrey said she'd check into it and please hold.

I held

Audrey came back and said "Sorry but the shipping is Amazon's policy not ours. We'll be glad to sell it to you and ship it for free, but we can't do anything about it if you purchase it from us through Amazon. You need to call Amazon and have them take care of it on their end."

So, I did.

I called Amazon's customer service and as always immediately got a CS rep.... but.... this time I obviously had an offshore rep, Marlon. All I could think of was Brando.

Me: Hey Marlon, here's the deal.... and I told him what the situation was.

Marlon: Mr. Weber, we'll be happy to give you a refund on the shipping. I've made a notation on your account. Just go ahead and make your purchase thru Amazon and after you get your verification email, call CS again and tell the rep to look at your account and you'll receive your refund.

Me: Cool! Thanks Marlon, you're a good guy. I'm gonna make the purchase right this minute.

And I did.

I called CS back with my order number and once again got offshore CS... only this time I got Pryzlbilski and I could understand about every 3rd word he said. I'm pretty blunt when this happens and usually just stop the conversation and tell the rep that they need to speak clearer english so that we can communicate. Usually they speak louder. This time was no different. Gahhh.

Me: Hi, I just purchased an item and yada yada and Marlon made a note on my account and I'm to get my shipping of $24 refunded by calling you and you poke some magic button and I good things happen.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. *always a pause after he says Sir* I see the notation on your account, I'm prepared to give you a credit of $12 to spend any way you wish on

Me: Excuse me?

Pryzlbilski: Sir. I am giving to you a 50% refund of your $24 shipping in the form of a gift certificate to take care of this situation.

Me: Well yeah, but Marlon said I'm receiving a full refund of my shipping.

Okay here's where "I" should have clarified things with ol Marlon. Marlon told me I was receiving "A" refund, not a total refund. Gaaah again.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. The notation reads you are to receive a gift balance to your account of 50% of the shipping.

Me: No, I'm to receive 100% of the $24.

Pryzlbilski : Sir. No, you do not receive 100% you are to only receive 50%.

Me: Wait. Read to me the "notation" that Marlon wrote.. just like he wrote it.

Pryzlbilski reads it, and I see where I should have nailed ol Marlon down.

Me: Okay Pryzlbilski, this is not right. You need to make this right by giving me back my shipping. I made the purchase a few minutes ago with the idea that I was receiving my full $24 shipping back. Now I feel like I've been yanked around with a little bit of wordplay and I'm getting $12 and that's just not right.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. I am going to delete your order and you'll get a full refund of your purchase.

Me: Damnit! No. Do NOT cancel that order!

Pryzlbilski : Sir. You need not to be cursing at me.


Pryzlbilski: Sir. You need not to be raising your tone with me, I am just doing my job.

Me: I want to talk to your supervisor.

Pryzlibilski: Sir. I know not why you want to keep your order with when you are so unhappy with our policy of shipping. I will cancel your order and you will order direct from Musicians Friend.

Me: Pryzlbilski... do not... DO NOT cancel my order. I'm serious. I'm ordering from Amazon because I have a balance of over $500 with Amazon. I want to use that balance. I don't want to pay money out of my pocket to MF when I've already got more than enough for my purchase with Amazon. I need your supervisor.

Pryzlibilski: Sir. *I'm getting real freakin' tired of SIR* I understand now your situation, but with your being unhappy I think you need to cancel your order. If I get my supervisor again I will not have a job here.

Me: Pryzlibilski.. don't cancel that order man. I mean it. I really really need your supervisor on the phone now.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. I am doing all that I can by offering you the 50% refund of your shipping as a balance on your account to be spent in any manner that you wish.

Me: Gaaaaaahhhhh!! I know how much your'e "giving" me back... it's not enough. Don't tell me that again... just don't.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. What do you wish me to do.

Me: *just giving up but wanting him to wedgie himself til he bleeds* Send me my order. Give me my $12... and whatever else you feel is important to make this go YOUR way.

Pryzlbilski: Sir. Is there anyth..... *click, I hang up*

Amazon owes me $12. Wait til Monday.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Only The Finest Furniture Passes Through My Shop And Is Graced By My Hands.... *cough bull cough*

Okay, so yesterday's post was just a whine o thon about a piece of furniture that I named a POS and suddenly some of you wanted to know just what *I* would call a POS and surely I must be exaggerating a tad. To say that the folks on the Titantic went for a swim on a cool day is exaggerating, to call this thing a POS is speaking the truth in many different languages.

I went out with my camera and took some shots of the thing just for y'all. Lots of times what I'm working on doesn't get it's happy ass picture taken, especially if it's something that I really don't wanna work on and I'm just trying to earn a living by doing it. This is one of those.

This is a stepped cupboard thing, glass doors in the upper, 2 drawers, 2 doors in the base. LOTS of paint. Lots... Gobs of contact paper stuck all over it, and built so heavy it's nearly unmovable. All of the wood in the thing is either Pine, Douglas Fir, or Southern Yellow Pine. Not exactly in the same category as Cherry or Quarter Sawn White Oak or a nice dark Walnut. A good percentage of it was already used lumber when whomever built it, built it. And the guy that threw this thing together loved nails. He was probably married to some gal named Barbara Nails. He loved nails THAT much.

I hate that man. I realize that he's probably long dead now, but I got a feeling I wouldn't like his grandchildren much either. I'm sure he handed on his nail philosophy on down to them and they're somewhere right now driving nails by the handfuls into some something that they're building.

Unfortunately for you, when I took these pics at your request, I'd already stripped the top portion and tore it down. You'll have to imagine it's majesty in your minds.

First, here's the base portion still waiting for me to start beating on it with man tools. That's the top facing you in the pic. That is contact paper, "cracked ice" I believe is the pattern. Mmmmmm mmmmm! Can't you just smell the aroma of a house fire emanating from that beauty?

Next are the tongue and groove back boards from the upper part. I posed them on these sawhorses to give you a comparison of their stark beauty contrasted against the harshness of the cement below them. I scattered assorted nails below them to signify my pain.

This photo is of the shelf boards from inside the cabinet. You might be looking at these and be thinking to yourself "Those look just like regular boards to me". You'd be wrong. These are magic boards. While I was removing 45 layers of paint from them I spoke in Swahili, Portuguese, Upper Tanzania Tribal Whistlespeak, and Chihuahua. That's magic in anyones book.

This is a cabinet side. When I see workmanship like this.... I weep. Look at the handcarving, the intricate fitting, the... the... woodfiller. My God that's just beautiful!

Here's the drawers and doors from this cabinet. I tried to emulate, with my stacking technique, an original Picasso I saw once when I was a small child. I think I may have obtained the "look"!

These are the applied side panels... un-applied in this pic, of course. The hand carving on these are exquisite. Squint really hard and you might be able to just barely make it out.

And finally a shot of the top going back together. If you'll notice the clarity of all the nail holes in the side panel. It took me years and years of restoring fine pieces of furniture such as this to realize that those are not just nail holes. Those are sunbeam holes delivering sunlight to the inner soul of the furniture. Yes they are... it's true!

I'm sure I can be goaded into showing the finished look... although I don't know if I'm the one doing the finishing on this or not. It just gets weirder and weirder. I quoted the thing "stripped and repaired" but not finished. Go figure.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Sand, Therefore I Am.... Said Sam I Am.

I spent the day sanding a just lovely piece of crap. Next time I go to the dentist for a nice root canal or something, I'll just think of today and the whole dental gig will be like walking in a lollipop garden.

The thing I'm working on today is definitely one of those pieces of furniture that I get brought to me from time to time that seriously need to get acquainted with fire. Funny thing with this thing... it survived a fire... that's how come I'm working on it. All I gotta say is "it shoulda got hotter".

I've had this POS in my possession for too dang long. The customer was waiting on an insurance settlement, which they received, before I started on it. Even after I started on it... about 2 weeks ago (lol) I couldn't stay interested in it. I'd work on it for an hour and then it'd languish, stinking of smoke, for a day or two and then I'd nudge it with my foot and try to get interested in it. Not. So last night when I lay my little head down on my pillow to dream about Care Bears and unicorns... I swore to get up at the buttcrack of dawn and work on this wretched thing.

I did. All day. I scraped and sanded and flung tools at it and glued it with gluey stuff and I got it about half done. This thing is toxic with lead paint... so I got to spend the whole day in a respirator as well. It added to my pleasure.

Okay, I think I'm done whining.

I'll leave you with a typical picture of rural Missouri "trust". Out on Hwy 36, on our way into town, some folks have this blue cooler sitting next to the highway every morning with fresh eggs in it... and a sign. You stop, get your dozen eggs, toss your money in the cooler and go on 'bout your business.

Please don't try to convince me that this marketing ploy would work as satisfactory in Los Angeles as it does here in the land of unlocked homes and vehicles.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well... This Was The Perfect Father's Day.

What a great day... and it ended with one of the most touching things I've ever read, and it was wrote about me by one of our kids.

But first, Jake shows up and we hang out a little, he gets out the weed whacker and trims the yard that he'd mowed yesterday. What a great guy. In between everything else that was going on we got to chat a little out in the shop 'bout motorcycles and cars and women and things like that. Just cool stuff.

In between of all that was going on here with Sally getting ready to take off on a week long quilt retreat with her quiltin' buddy and wrapping up some things out in the shop and my folks coming over for an early dinner of grilled burgers and fixins, my daughter Nicky was calling me everytime I was outta the house or outta cell range. LOL

Then Nathan called from San Diego where he lives and we talked about music (he's a very talented guitarist) and his latest interest is bicycling and he'd sent pics of an old bike that he'd tore down and converted to a classic velodrome style, with direct gearing. Awesome job on that thing... wow. Here's a pic of it.

Then my daughter Amanda called and we visited for quite a while... and she wanted to know 'bout my music and stuff and I told her about the show we played at last nite and the crowd of cottontops that came to hear us and seemed to be a little puzzled by it all. :-) She's an RN in probably the worst and hairiest ER in the state of Missouri, thrives on adrenaline and related an "exposed brain" story. (Gag and Gaahhh!)

Next Nicky FINALLY lol got hold of me on the phone and we had a real cool conversation, 'cause we always do. Talked 'bout the show and kids and all things relevant to the two of us. We do lots of laughing and I taught her a whole lot about being a smart ass and she's retained most of that training into adulthood. I ended that call with a conversation with my 4 year old grandaughter Emma who wished me "Happy Birthday PaPa!" and then was coached in the background with "No... happy fathers day" lol

And THEN... just a few minutes ago, I looked at Nicky's blog. She made me cry. Big ol lumpy me... What a tribute that just ruined me.

This is the post that totally, 100 percent, without a doubt... MADE my fathers day complete and wonderful.

I'm almost speechless.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Music Stuff... way WAY Cool Recording Gizmo

Eh, I'm on a roll with the music topic here lately... why spoil the roll.

I had a request in for a piece of equipment for Father's day, or I was just gonna get it myself. :-) I'd been wanting something to do personal recording for myself and informal stuff with the band and had done a bunch of reading on what was new and hot stuff. The new thing is these little, almost joke sized, personal digital recording "studios".

The one I had picked out from reading reviews was the Tascam DR-1. Here's a link to the thing on Musicians Friend. This little device is about the size of a Blackberry... a little larger, but not a whole lot. Even after reading all the rave reviews on it on the internets, we are all TOTALLY blown away by the recording quality. Just incredible!

It'll either record in wav or mp3 format, does over dubbing, adds several styles of reverb if you want, allows you to change the sampling rate... and on and on and on. Plugs right into a USB port on your puter, you download right offa the smartcard... and you've got sharing ready music in just minutes.

I've got a song that I wrote for my daughter Nicky and did it this evening on my old Fender acoustic, just using the onboard mics on the Tascam. I sent it to Nicky... made her cry real hard... so I musta got it right. :-)

Might be a mistake or two... just ignore that 'cause I did too and Nicky loved it just like it happened. Slip some headphones on for the best sound.

Here's the link to the song "Nicky's Song".

Lemme know what you think! Thanks.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Les Paul

Les Paul is 93 today, and was the driving force to develop solid body electric guitars and changed the sound of music as we know it forever. Here is a little youtube video of Les Paul and Mary Ford generating a whole slew of smiles. Fantastic showmen... the both of 'em. From about 1954, live on the Colgate Comedy Hour.

This'll make you grin.

Here's the URL if you wanna see it a little larger on Youtube.


Friday, June 6, 2008

Gimmee A Guitar Quick... Here Come The Nuns!

Last sunday evening/night ended up with a whole bunch of fun, a lotta music, quite a bit of beer... and 2 drunk nuns.

The folks that usually play guitar and bass in our regular band gave me a call and wanted to know if I wanted to play guitar at another guys party place. Well hell yeah! Thats' like a given. A chance to play music AND have fun, me and Sal.. we're all about that!

We weren't unplugged and I was on guitar instead of the mandolin. First time we'd played together as a group and it sounded good enough we're gonna do it again this Sunday.

Now the nun part. The local theater group is doing Nunsense this month and a couple of the traveling actresses that play nuns showed up with their own supply of Miller Genuine Draft and the correct attitude and a desire to be backup singers in a band. What a riot!

*click the pics to make 'em big*

Then one of the nuns said she was a drummer. lol Sure nuff, she was! The short denim skirt on the drumset was very un-nun-like... and had me nearly in tears. lol

And finally... a video. (of course) Keep in mind this is the first time together for this song... but not too shabby for the test run. Marshall Tucker's "Can't You See". (lighting is a little tough.. but it all sounds the same.)

That's all folks!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Testicles, Belly Meat, And Near Death Experiences

I've been blogging for less than a year and already I get to use the word "testicles" in a title line! I've got other good words that I can't wait to throw up there as well... I bet y'all can't hardly wait either, huh?

Sal and I made a run down to the city yesterday to run some errands and etc. As it turned out we did a lot more etc. than errand running... but we had fun, as always. We made a run over to Petsmart to grab some stuff and on the way outta the parking lot I told Sal to get the camera ready.

There's pop, with an ample supply of fishbelly hanging out for all the world to see, at least the people driving down Broadway in Columbia, MO... and to the left, Lil' Fishbelly Jr. echoing Fishbelly Senior's pose. These 2 were either watching traffic or just showing off. I dunno which.

Cutting across town to Stadium we spied a sign that you're mostly gonna find the likes of in the midwest. I gotta feeling that you're gonna be hard pressed to find a big billboard proclaiming "TESTICLE FESTIVAL!" in either downtown Los Angeles or Boston. In Missouri though, this is considered normal.

I'm gonna take exception to the look on that bull/steer's face though. I have been the active participant in... many 1000's of testicle removals on unwilling bovines. I have yet to see one with THAT expression on their face. It just don't happen.. trust me.

If you've lived on concrete most of your life and you don't know what a person does at a Testicle Festival, well it's not what you think. There ain't a whole lot of "showing stuff off"... nope. You eat 'em. Floured, fried, and fricasseed and poked right in the ol' pie hole.

No, I don't eat 'em. I figure that God hung those things there for mostly one purpose and then built a whole dang cow type critter made of eatin' beef right on top of 'em. I know where they've been, I know what they've done and I saw the cadillac they fell out of. I ain't eatin' 'em.


So then we're driving down Business Loop 70 and we're going to JoAnne's Fabrics, and we're going by this nasty little restaurant that we always go by and I comment that there's never any cars there and how the hell do they keep the doors open. So we're craning our necks to the left staring at the now interesting restaurant and I swing over into the left hand turn lane to pull into the little strip mall where Joanne's is. I got my blinker on and we're still talking bout the dumb restaurant and here comes a black Dodge Ramcharger coming for us straight on... fast. So of course my first reaction is to come up with a funny line that Sally will repeat the rest of the day... 'cause I'm a born comedian, 'specially when death is imminent.


I'm gauging the drive that I'm gonna turn left into and if I'm gonna make it before the Dodge kills us all when Sally makes a clever discovery.

There is no left turn lane there.

I think she squeaked some kinda blessing, I stomped the pedal to that suddenly anemic little Chevy Cavalier, to the floor with all my might, nearly touching my toenails to the fan blade of the engine and yank that baby left into JoAnne's just in time to become the black Dodge guy's number one pal. He said so!

We stopped. We breathed hard. Got a bad case of the giggles, actually Sally had a kleenex dabbing tears from hysteria. I let her out and headed on down Paris road to a favorite pawn shop to look through stuff. I'm in there messing with a guitar and my phone rings... it's Sal.

Sally: You okay honey?

Me: Uh... yeah.

Sally: Okay, I was just wondering about you.

Me: Why's that?

Sally: Well a bunch of fire engines and cops just went by JoAnnes and I thought it might have been something you done.

Me: ........

Sally: *Hysterical laughter*

She's something... lol.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just This...

Sal just gave me this vid. I can't see, my sides hurt. I wanna hang out with this guy and just have a few beers with him. My life might be complete then.

Wait for the little guy in the yellow shirt sitting in the middle...


Monday, June 2, 2008

This Bloggin' Business Is Hard Work!

I ain't had time to get a decent post up, and I'm 'bout toast tonite after staying out way too late on a Sunday nite, so... I'm gonna just throw out a couple of Youtubes.

Both of these are from our recording session a couple weeks ago. The sound of course isn't processed in the videos, so it's just the raw stuff you're hearing. Lotta fun.

Love Me Like A Man, with the lovely Martina on the mic. I'm on the mandolin in both vids.

And an old country standard "Jolene" with Mary Beth doing the singing on this one. A little different entrance and exit on our version. Sal shot this one behind the glass in the booth so it's a little glarey. I left Louie's upside down harp mistake in... he went all rockstar on us and had his shades on in the studio, couldn't see squat. LOL Killer harp on it though after he flipped it over.

Hope you enjoy 'em.