Monday, December 24, 2007

Day 1 of Christmas 2007... Safely Past.

Today was the official preliminaries of Christmas 2007 in our world, safely and nearly sanely celebrated at my Uncle and Aunts place. My folks and my brother were there along with my cousin and her husband, Sal and I and our son Jake. The food, as always was phenomenal and more than plenty... but the coup de grace to the mountainess pile of carbohydrates and proteins that we inhaled with excited delight... the finish of finishes was this thing languishing near the center of the table. A sweet potato cheesecake roll thing that has been mentioned at least once an hour today since we ate it. Take the most delicious cake item you've ever ate in your entire eating career and multiply that deliciousness by any number above 5, and you'll get close to this thing.

My Aunt made it. She rules.

After all the eating we whooped out the guitars and stuff and had a little session of hilarity and laughing. My Uncle who just learned to play guitar about a year ago or so, does real well with his chords, but his right hand kinda just "stirs the cake" on the other end. We got him a metronome for Christmas (really :-) ) and hopefully this'll get him on the rhythm road. My cousin Carla, who is as close as I have to a little sister and has suffered greatly over the years by this relationship... heh heh, picked up my mandolin and got a 15 minute lesson on it and proceeded to laugh her hind end off.

She's a good girl, I love her a whole lot.

My mom, as always was tottering around with her camera on a stick, at times shaking it and wondering "what the hell is wrong with this thing" and we would dutifully remind her to open the lens. I think she was kissing me on the punkin in this shot, but now that I see it it sure looks like she's cocking that dang camera on a stick to whang me in the back of my head. Whichever it is, I deserved it I'm sure.

So now Sal and I are just lounging in the living room, some friends came by, had a couple drinks, A Christmas Story is on the TV and Jake just went to bed. I think that sounds like a pretty decent plan too. I got a vision of sugar plums or more likely, sweet potato cheesecake roll, dancin' in my head.

Day 2 comes tomorrow.


lilsis said...

Did you say whang?

Cowguy said...

Yeah, great word huh? Much better than "whap" or "clunk" or even the ever popular "shabloogie".

Vicky said...

Merry Christmas, Sawcow - or is that Dustpie? Your day sounds fabulous! Hope tomorrow is even more special for you and the family!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


I'm sure if your Mama was going to "whang" you, you derserved it.

Merry Christmas!


WowsRose said...

Note to self: Get recipe from Charlotte.

Who knew that sweet potatoes could be so freakin' good?!?!?!?!!?

Cowguy said...

It's darn hard to figure out that whole sweet potato thing. Beats me, but it sure is good. LOL

Dustpie...I think that comes later in August when it's hot n dry. :-)

Oh heck yeah, I deserve every single whangin' I receive, even if they're for stuff I did in 1966.

Mar said...

ok, curiosity has gotten the best of me, I'm just catchin up here. Camera on a stick? I love sweet potatoes, that looks awesome!

Cowguy said...

Mar, the camera on a stick started out as a modification I made to my Mom's camera so she could hold it better. Now though... it's just a comedy routine for the rest of us. I can't wait for the day when it flings offa the stick while she's shaking it to make it magically work how she wants it to. :-)

Babs said...

Anyway a gal could get that recepie for the sweet tater cheesecake? Cheesecake and Sweet potatoes are 2 of my favorite 100 things? Babs

Cowguy said...

Probably pretty good chances Babs. Hang tight and I'll see if I can get it posted in a few days.