Sunday, December 23, 2007

Someone, Somewhere Isn't Being Responsible With The Fridge Door

When I was a kid and I'd lolly gag in front of the open fridge door for hours at a time, my mom would always say "You're letting all the cold out, think about what you want, open the door and get it." Thing is, that's not possible, you gotta "shop" for what you want, you can't just think about it and open the door and it magically appears in there. It takes time. My Dad on the other hand was a refrigerator food shopper from way back, but that was okay if he did it, 'cause he paid the 'lectricity bill himself.

Somehow you need to mentally tie in the open door fridge warning story with the drastic weather change here this morning. There are millions of brass monkeys in Missouri singing tenor this morning. Millions. It's about 15 degrees with a nice brisk 20 mph breeze this morning. When I fed the cows this morning I got a lot of dirty cow looks and nasty comments whispered behind my back. Like I got some control over the temperature. Oh well, beats not having any weather at all, huh?

My second day of blogging and already I've lowered my resolve to just writing about the weather here. *sigh* Sorry... this may be tougher than I thought.

I'm on cold weather, might as well go with the flow. About 1973 or 1974, somewhere in there, I was a young driver and my best friend Randy and I went to see a movie on night that was so cold only fools and teenagers were out. I can even tell you the name of the movie, a real classic... Black Christmas. Probably on your favorites list at IMDB , huh? The basic synopsis of this classic was some unknown and unseen slasher/murderer type lived in the attic of this sorority house and one by one snagged the sisters with a meat hook and pulled 'em up thru the scuttle hole into the attic. The impressionable young men that we were, we were scared ****less and hardly noticed that evidently sorority sisters always walked around the house in their underwear and nice lingerie.

We sat thru the whole movie and go out to the sub zero temperatures of the out of doors to my car. In the infinite wisdom of youth, I had washed the car just prior to going to the movie... you know, in case someone saw a spot of something on my car. Death, embarrassment and that whole scene. The car was froze up tighter than a Scotsman's wallet. Coats! HA! They were in the car, 'cause we were going in the nice warm theater. We hovered around the frozen hulk for awhile wishing for a warm spell or some other miracle, when a cop pulls up beside us obviously amused at the whole scene.

This is one of the few times of my youth when I was happy that a cop was there, seriously. I spent a lot of time watching my rearview mirror in my youth, but right at that point in time I'd have taken that cop's homely daughter to the prom to get brownie points towards the situation that we were in. The cop said "wait right there (yes he did) and I'll be back." The guy comes back with a 5 gallon bucket with about 2 gallon of hot water in it, I start trickling that water over my door and it unthaws enough to finally get it open. I thank him profusely, mention the thing about prom and his daughter probably and get into an ice cold Plymouth and fire her up.

We ride home mostly in silence, but just before I dropped Randy off I say "Pretty freaky movie huh". Randy nods in agreement silently and slowly. I drive on home and spend the next 3 nights not sleeping for thinking about Mr. Meathook in the attic, and later I found out that Randy did the same thing.

Two lessons learned.

1. Don't wash the car when it's below zero.
2. I don't do slasher movies no matter how many scantily clad young ladies there might be in it.

Youth huh?


Vicky said...

How was the prom? ROFLOL

When you were a kid, did you ever get caught just standing in front of the open fridge on a really hot, sweaty summer day? I learned the hard way not to do that!!

Cowguy said...

Absolutely, standing in front of the open fridge was almost as good as air conditioning! lol

Bon said...

And the stories have begun. That was a good one. I can relate about standing in front of the open fridge door. Now I can do it and not get yelled at cuz I pay for the 'lectricity!

Mar said...

note to self, bring a fresh cup of coffee when stepping into the cowpies. Can't wait to hear more, you are a natural.

JudyL said...

Thanks for the great lessons! :)

Cowguy said...

Cowpies with coffee? Hmmmm LOL

KathySWFL said...

Drank you are a natural at blogging! Can't wait to read what you post next. As for the fridge...yep I got caught also..Grandpa didn't care for me doing that.