Friday, August 28, 2009

Jennifer And Snandi...

"Vengeance shall be mine!" sayeth the Cowguy.

For the uninformed, 2 gals, ex sister in laws, one in Minnesota, one in Texas... somehow decided to blog together. They've both got a couple of screws loose, but I love 'em to pieces. Jennifer and Sandi (known from here on out as Snandi for afternoon tippling typing that she is wont to do).

I have no clue how this started, but pictures of me started showing up on my Facebook with this damned squirrel a couple of days ago. And then, I actually start to make my blog rounds this morning, a thing I've been missing lately... and here was...


See what I mean?

In light of all of this, I realized that we just don't see pics of these two fruitloops around the internets, and there's probably a whole bunch of you that wonder what the heck they look like. Well, I smuggled this pic out of their facebook profiles. It ain't pretty. Brace yourself.

That's Snandi on the left and Jennifer on the right. Shocking eh?

It had to come out sooner or later.



Gwen said...

You are so right, Snandi definitely looks like a tippler.

Jennifer and Sandi said...



* Tink *

Have a Super Weekend! Dork!

- Jennifer (The other Sandi)

Cowguy said...

LOL Dorkette(s)

Sass said...

I'm dying laughing.

Just as I was about to type, "They're furrier than I expected," your little Amazon widget thingy popped up the Braun 5270 Silk-epil X'elle Body epilator.

That just kills me.

Jennifer and Sandi said... drunk typing.........that's my motto...sometimes....

Cora said...

Yeah, I saw those squirrelly pics on your fb page. *snicker*

Jerry said...

LMAO! You guys are too funny! ALL of you! :)

The Retired One said...

Revengence is sweet isn't it?
I laughed when I saw their post and then read the rest of yours. LOVED IT>
I am behind in reading my fav blogs...been traveling a bit and then hanging out on my boat sucking up the last few warm days in Upper Michigan, so am late with my comments on your posts. Just trying to do a little catch up tonight.
This made me chuckle.
You are all a bunch of goofs and I love it!