Monday, August 17, 2009

Weeeee Haaavvveee A Winner!!! And Then Another Winner!!!

Sally and I got up bright and early this morning, and got dressed for this momentous occasion. She slipped into a slinky black sequined evening gown, complete with some nasty high heels and long black gloves. Me? I pulled on an old pair of cutoffs, a T shirt from 1990 advertising Red Dog beer, a pair of Crocs with no socks.

God we look great together!

Anyhow I tossed the names of all the new followers of S and C into a coffee cup... then I made some more names and made sure I got an empty coffee cup this time and tossed 'em in again. I held the cup high in the air, she waltzed glamorously in a circle around me, one hand on her hip, and dramatically drew a piece of paper from my Wolverine coffee cup.

I nearly fainted from all the excitement.

And the winner of the Sawdust and Cowpies "Follow This" contest is............

SBROWN, who happens to be the newest follower as well.

Now I haven't contacted SBrown as of yet to tell her of her glorious winning, she will be featured in a blog post right here in just a few short days. I don't rightly know if she's got a blog, but she's gonna wish she had one.

SBrown... I'm gonna have my way with you, but in a nice way. heh heh.

Alrighty our other winner from Sass' Keota CD Giveaway is The Retired One. I like this gal. Always has something positive to say and just cute as a button... lookie...

... I told you so. Don't you wanna just adopt her or something? Anyhow she's getting a copy of Keota's CD "Salute" sent out to her this morning. Thanks Sass and thanks TRO!

Okay, shooting 2 new woodworking show segments TODAY, I gotta git!



Matt Dunlap said...

Rigged! I say.... definitely rigged.

BTW, I'm thankful it was rigged, no way would I want Jace to have his way with me.

Dr Zibbs said...


Cowguy said...

Oh criminy... you two just wanna whine. Zibbs, I KNOW you want me to have my way with you. lol

I'll pick you guys next time. :-)

Jerry said...

Waiting anxiously for the expose'!! :)

mo.stoneskin said...

I would like some Red Dog beer.

Sass said...

Mmmm.....Red Dog.

The Retired One said...

Ok...I am here to give you some shit.
Did ya have to put my PICTURE up on your blog?????
I almost had a heart attack when I called up your post and there was my mugshot.
Good Lord, man...the price I had to pay to win a CD.
Thanks again for the CD, I am thrilled and grateful. Can't wait to hear it.
And I will be sending you a huge check for the "cute as a button" compliment......
Back atcha...

Jennifer and Sandi said...

but..but.....I wanted to win.....*pouting*