Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well Poopy... There Goes Soupy

So I was sitting here in the living room a couple of nights ago rotting my brain perusing watching midgets 'rassle in oatmeal or some such thing most likely, when Sally, from her puter, sent me on my MSN a "ded list". You know, one of those lists that someone with too much time on their hands, compiles of everyone, that was remotely famous that has entered the dead zone in the past 12 months. (the structure of that last sentence sucks, but it's 6:57 AM and I don't give a rat's ass... read it however you want and please, please correct it down in the comments. Thank you)

I was comotosely (<--- your new word of the day) flipping through all the dearly departed when I came across one that finally caused me to stop and and mutter "NO".

Soupy Sales died on October 22 of this year. Ded as ded can be. The dedest.

Sal walks through the living room...

Me... Hey Soupy Sales died!

Sal... Yeah, I saw that.

Me... (blurting) I had a Soupy Sales ring.

Sal... I just bet you did.

Me... Really, it was one of those that when you turned it back and forth it had a picture of Soupy that flashed back to his name. It was awesome.

Sal... That's nice honey. It's probably up at your folk's house in a box somewhere if you really miss it that much.

Me... Well, I don't miss it that much, but it was pretty freakin' cool when I was like 6.

So I thought to myself "Self, if you loved that ring as much as you did, I just bet that a lot of other kids loved that ring as well and there has gotta be a picture of it on the internets" I didn't answer myself, but I did a Google search.


Then, I went to The Bay. SCORE!!!

$89.95 ? ? ? ? It truly was an awesome ring, I just didn't realize until I saw dollar signs spinning in my head just how truly incredible this fine piece of jewelry was.

Looky. Behold. Soupy!

and then you turn it...

I'm nearly in tears just looking at these pics (happily copyrighted by mrrookie, but I'm promoting his sale so... ease up on the copyright crap mr) Here, here's the auction. Go buy this thing and give it to your beloved for Christmas. Screw the diamond earrings. Nothing says "forever" like a Soupy Sales flasher ring. I mean it.



Scope said...

And with $90 bucks on the line, I can hear your dad shouting "Boy! What are you LOOKING for in all those boxes? You took your old Playboys with you YEARS ago." :-)

Stacie's Madness said...

um, who is soupy sales?

SkylersDad said...

I thought for sure the ring would have Soupy's face and then a pie in it when you turned it.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You know...nothing says love like a Soupy Sales Flasher, either. forget the ring.

Gwen said...

Is "comotose" what happens when you listen to too much Christmas music by Perry Como? If so, what's "homotose"?

Jerry said...

Every once in a while I am reminded of how deprived I was as a child.

Guess I'll toss in a bid for that ring and see if I can catch up. :)

Greenmare said...

I didn't know Soupy Sales was a flasher

The Retired One said...

So cool!!!
Last year, my daughter sold all of her original Strawberry Shortcake dolls and My Little Pony's on ebay and made gooooood money.
Nostalgia pays!