Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mental Note #24497

Mental note #24497 : Do not drink the special homemade wine at dinner before being expected to play music.

I find it helps to remember rules like this if I write them down.

The band played at an intimate little dinner party last night that was thrown at our friends place and we got fed in high fashion along with the dinner guests. What a feast! I lost count of how many courses came to the table and all of it prepared by Jeanne... absolutely amazing authentic Italian cuisine. Desserts... my Lord. Incredible stuff.

Plenty of wine flowed throughout the meal but then............ the thing that nearly ruined me, and a few others (lol). Jeanne brings a glass milk bottle with saran wrap over the top with a beautiful amber liquid in it. "Cousin (somebody, I can't remember lol)homemade wine." I'm always a bit cautious with homemade wine, so when I sipped this stuff, man oh man, it was like liquid candy.

Very shortly I was talking 'bout pig nuts at the dinner table.

And then it was time to play. I was in the hallway trying to tune my guitar, I think I worked at it like 10 minutes. Ronnie was just smiling at me (he doesn't drink), Sally tottered over and asked if I needed help. "Yeah, but not like you think."

In the end we had a total blast with great friends and awesome food. Everyone laughed until our faces hurt. The dinner guests had a great time while we played and I think we sounded pretty good... but then... everyone else had the homemade wine too. lol

That stuff had to be like 100 proof. Good Heavens...

Playing electric stuff tonite with our other band, The Boots and Black Tie Band at at a brand new social event in Macon. The Fork and Cork Festival Lotsa music and food and wine and fun at this blowout. They're shutting down all of downtown with a couple of music stages set up and lots of beer/wine gardens and food stands along with local artists having their stuff displayed in 2 different galleries.

Yes, Sally is one of those artists. I'm so proud of her. She'll have some of her banners on display, we hung them yesterday and they look just incredible.

So It's raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock right now, I know they've got a lot of tents set up and the stages will be covered, I hope it doesn't dampen the spirit of the festival too much.

Have a great weekend and stay safe with what Ike is dealing out... looks like a heller this time.



Reenie said...

*still laughing*

I've given you a guest spotlight at my place. Hope that's okay. BTW, no prizes necessary. The laughs are enough. Reenie

Reenie said...

I meant to add - don't personalize it if people are slow to comment on your post at my place. I forgot that today is Saturday (vicariously, had some of that wine I guess) and the folk at JS have lives or something and don't chat up a whole lot on weekends. :)

Anonymous said...

Jace, I laffed out loud at this one 'cuz I can sure relate! Many years ago I rented a house from a Portugese couple who spoke almost NO English. One day they came over bringing a jug of homemade Portagee red wine. Of course I had to have some or it would have been impolite. By the time they left and DH got home, I was pretty thoroughly snockered! Forget dinner, I couldn't find the kitchen and was pretty darned lucky to find the bathroom. Oh Lord, what a hangover that was!


Jennifer and Sandi said...

Is a pig nut anything like a macadamia?



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a blast!!
Does Sally have a web page where
we can see her work?
Peg in Southern Mo. where it is also you stated in your post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had some dry time at the Fork and Cork ('cause it looks like the other gig was not quite arid - lol).

Keep up the good work, Jace.

Jerry said...

Always good for a smile or two, coming here. :) I have a few stories of my own, but me being no sorta storyteller I'll just read yours and laugh. As long as Sally is there to take care of you, party on my friend! Just make sure you keep coming here and telling us about it. LOL!!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I'm getting a "Wine Headache" just reading this!!!!!

So, now you want the Comments Puzzle put back on our comments form??? I swear. Some peoples kids!!! Please remove it, no put it back on, please remove it, no put it back on!


- Jennifer