Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I dunno what the heck I've picked up but I feel crummy. Hopefully it's just a short lived viral something or another and by this time tomorrow I'll be 100 percent and spouting clever and witty utterances.

I keep meaning to post about our weekend and upload a couple of videos... but alas not tonite. Instead I'm just gonna link in what seems to be a favorite blog post, just going on the number of hits it gets and it's more than appropriate this evening.

From February of this year, I give you.....

Ode To The Flu



Jerry said...

Dang man, twice in one year!?! Sorry 'bout that, and here's hoping it is the 24-hour stuff and gone with the (you know the stuff, and most of it ain't wind) tomorrow.

gracie said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky. There's a buncha garbage goin' around the NE, too. Our grown-up kids and grand kids have been sharing it for a cuppla weeks now......

We're prayin' for ya bud.


Jennifer and Sandi said...

YUCK!! Sorry to hear your under the weather. Or is it over the weather? I'm old and forget!


~ Jennifer hands Jace a tissue ~

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

........sandi don's her face mask and rubber gloves and tosses (from a vast distance) Jace a carton of kleenex boxes and a bottle of Rhe-ban.......

Hope you feel better quick!