Friday, December 10, 2010

It's All About The Caulk

So I was in the local hardware store the other day... I'm in there a lot.  All the employees know me and It's always a meeting place of other guys that hang out in hardware stores too much, so it usually is a social trip as well.  

Good Lord that sounds dorky.

It is...

Anyhow I had a small puddle of miscellaneous stuff on the counter, some steel wool, a couple of furnace filters and other stuff that I don't remember, and... a tube of caulk.   So I'm paying and for whatever reason I usually end up with this same kid at the cash register.  He's a good kid, always pleasant with me and takes abuse well. :-)   He bags up all my stuff except the tube of caulk.  He's just standing there with it in his hands, smiling at me.

I stand there and look at him until he gets a little nervous with his cute little prank he's laid out and I lean across the counter and say in a low voice.  "You know pal, I'm not gonna say "give me the caulk".  You know that's not gonna happen don't you?"  His smile gets a little nervous. 

He's stuck.  Still holding the caulk.  So all that was left was for me to say, in a VERY loud voice, "LET GO OF MY CAULK!"

He virtually threw it at me, looking over his shoulder at the managers booth and whispered frantically "The district manager is here today!" 

Me:  "You have a nice day there Mr. Caulkinheimer".

I may order him one of these.  It's Christmas you know.



MJenks said...

You're all heart, Jace.

Cowguy said...

I do what I can Jenks.

SkylersDad said...

Those young ones always think they can out smart us old timers, don't they?

Gwen said...

Perfection. That'll teach the whippersnapper.

Cowguy said...

Age and treachery.... :-)

Dr Zibbs said...

In Home Depot a few weeks ago I said, "I'm looking for black caulk"

I felt very gay. But not racist.

True story.