Friday, February 29, 2008

And so it goes...

My bloggin' time has been reduced as of late with everything else that causes life to happen. C'est la vie, cousin. First and foremost, the back injury from pulling the calf in my last post has unfortunately become my focal point. Lord knows it's not the first time for a back injury, I've got a long history of ruptured discs, busted vertebrae, and other unsavory things... but this one, this one is a killer. It'll heal, but man it's hit me at a real wrong time, and it's a nasty one... that's what sucks.

Calving is progressing pretty good, with fairly few problems. Had one little guy that tumbled off into a ditch in the pasture and inhaled a little bit of ditch water. Just 'bout wrote that one off, but lots of TLC and drugs and he's on momma's teat like a fly on the wall. Pretty amazing, that's something that they seldom survive.

If there's anything that resembles a ditch, the momma cow will very often plant herself next to it to have the calf. Reason being, she eliminates 180 degrees of area that a predator would stalk up on her or the calf. Pretty clever, 'cept for the fact that babies learning to walk hippy hop around like a rat on a hot skillet, and pretty soon they've launched themselves into the ditch. That's why they've got me and Uncle Robert. :-)

I snapped a few pics and my girls are so darned photogenic, I know you'd love to see 'em. It's a Cowguy's version of showing off the grandkids. (I do that a lot too.)

Look at these guys... tell me those aren't beautiful cows.

This gal is always the first to stroll out of an open gate or find a hole in a fence. If she wasn't so darned good natured about going back in, I'd have found her a different home. But she's pretty much got a place on our farm as long as she lives probably. Excellent momma... and loves having her picture took.

This cow is antique, but she always has a good calf and is gentle as a kitten.

A few new babies laying in the sun on fresh hay with a nearby designated babysitter.

Thanks to those of you that expressed your concern... Mom is still in the hospital, but is progressing. The pneumonia was a tough one for her. If she continues to progress like she has already, I'm guessing they'll release her on Sunday or Monday.


Fletch said...

Trust me, I know your pain, Jace. Thankfully, I was able to get it relieved, not cured but relieved. I doubt I'll ever hold down a full-time job again, though. Course, Darvocet helps in a pinch. Cows are pretty? In the eye of the beholder, I suppose so. Stay well.

Fletch said...

And forgot to say I'm glad your Mom is getting better and will be coming home soon. Lord knows, you do need some guidance.

debijeanm said...

Here's hoping this weekend proves to be a healer for all the Sawdust family. Beautiful grandkids, by the way (although I am, admittedly, completely ignorant of bovine beauty. Did visit the Davis County Fair in Utah a couple of years ago, though, and stood back while a handsome young man led his equally handsome steer out of the ring. They made such a pair I was kicking myself for having tucked my camera into a tote.)

Bon said...

Yup I think the brownish one with the white face is really pretty. I think you got a mighty nice looking herd there. Glad the back is healing albiet slowly. Hang in there cowboy.

Jerry said...

Best wishes to you and to your mom, Jace. Glad your dad came through it as well as he did.

Great shots of the cows!!

Vicky said...

Pretty moo cows! Are they as happy as CA cows? Take it easy and let that back heal up. You've got a bonfire coming up in a few months, and you have to be in tiptop shape!