Thursday, February 21, 2008


After being flogged half to death with the crud, Sally and I are nearly ambulatory again. Just want y'all to know in case you hadn't seen the headlines on that yet. One of the oddest, yet strangely "medical predictable", things to take place during this lapse in perfect health, was a phone call to our doctor, who was coincidently out sick with the flu. We drew the next one in line which evidently was Dr. Hook.

So here's two grown up adult type persons, both pretty doggone responsible people... me and Sal. We're sick, we know it, no question about it. I hadn't been this sick for probably 20 years. We thought that instead of dragging our sorry asses 10 miles to the doctor's office we could just fill them in with all the gory details like temperatures, color of our snot and stuffed we hacked up, puke or the lack of it, projectile poop or the lack of it...etc. All those things that doctors are always so interested in. Anyway, tell 'em all that stuff and then they'd call in a couple of prescriptions and someone would pick 'em up for us and everyone would healthier and happier.

We were mistaken. Evidently protocol has changed. Sally's is doing the talking on the phone, sprawled on the couch in a crime scene death pose, I'm in my recliner with 2 sweatshirts on and a quilt over me... coaching my end of the one sided conversation... as all spouses do in times like these. Oh come on, you know you do it, even if it's under your breath.

There is a pause from Sally and she says to the phone phantom "You want him to go to the hospital and get tested for influenza?" I look over with a "what the hell?" look and say "Tell 'em I passed the test, I have it, it's true. I've got it. Right here it is. I am NOT going to the ever loving, freakin' meat market of a hospital there and get poked for something AND pay for something I know I've got."

I thought the whole medical world and CDC plan with this stuff was to NOT spread it if possible. Well shoot fire man, they want you to go out and spew your critters all over everyone in town.

Anyway Sally declined and we sat and ate common sundry over the counter drug items and drank Wal Mart bottled water and pulled through just fine in the end. We lulled around the house today and just moaned and creaked and stuff. Tomorrow, back into the world. Horrible stuff, wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Meanwhile, the weather's turned bitter cold and snowy and my uncle Robert has been taking care of the cattle by himself with some help from my aunt. 8 new calves so far, probably gonna have a few that looses the tips of their ears to cold. Can't be helped, that's the way it goes.

Here's a pic of the second calf that came this year, the last day I was out. Raining like torrents that day. He's doing just dandy. I sorta just poked the camera outta my coat and took it. Seems I caught the little guy all hunkered up in mid-poop-pose. Cute huh?


Sally said...

Ode to my Knight… and his phlu

The view into our world,
The humor would be too much to bear.
Explosions of laughter everywhere.

Thou grey sweats, once oh so cute
I sit and read your Ode and am reduced to tears.
What I thought was elephant butt,
Was simply thy worn grey sweats.

The comedy of a clown doctor,
Who requested an immediate flu test.
Why oh why would we want to throw money
At a hospital whose mission is bent on
Sending thee to thy Maker

Thy constant cough
Drives me loony.
Reality hits.
How was I to truly understand?
Your cough is now my cough.
Your disease now plagues me.

Oh how I love thee,
But dearest, to truly show thine heart,
Next time instead of phlegm
Shareth with me phabric.

Your Dearest Damsel

Jerry said...

Welcome back, you two.


Cowguy said...

Heh heh... that's my girl. :-)

SalemHouse said...

Thanks so much for my laugh of the day. (Although I am truly sorry that you had to go through all that.)

Eileen said...

That Mama cow looks like she doesn't want her picture took.

Glad you're both feeling better. You're a laugh a minute.

Vicky said...

I'm sure glad you two are feeling a lot better, but your poetry has cracked me up! LOL. Love you guys!

Michael said...

Its good to hear you ar both getting well.
Michael in AZ