Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tomorrow should be a fun day.

We've kinda flew into some home renovations. It's so tore up in here right now... the room echos. New ceilings with the acoustic tile that looks like stamped tin... oughta be pretty cool. Some wide crown under that, fresh paint in the dining room and living room that now is just one big room. Got carried away and tore out a room division thing, some built in shelves, etc. Floor guy is coming on Friday morning to sand down the southern yellow pine floors in these two rooms.

I dunno what got into us. We're getting older, maybe it's something to do with that, if it is, our daughter is assisting us in our madness by showing up to paint.

So I'm hauling my Dad (and Mom) down to Columbia tomorrow. Dad's having a little procedure done, but shouldn't be anything too serious. I'll be bringing them both back home at the end of the day. Yeah, mom too. Anyway, these little trips are usually good for a story or three.

Resilvered a load of mirrors yesterday and had one re-do this morning, got that outta the way and hit the polls to vote for the most dismal selection of candidates that I've ever seen in my life. What a mess of comedians, dolts and gyps we've been dealt this time. It's like voting not necessarily for who you think would be a good president, but more like voting against who you sure as hell don't want for president. Sad state of affairs.

I can name a half dozen of my friends and neighbors that I'd rather see run for president.

Ah well.


Kim said...

Hey, we voted here in California too today. Gotta say, though, that what you describe as our choices has been my feeling for the past, oh . . . gosh, how long have I been voting now? 30 years? Okay, I'll go with that. Final answer: 30 years. Yep. Somehow the country seems to muddle through though, and I'm sure it will just keep right on muddling one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Would you vote for an Okie? MOI?


Kim said...

A French-speaking Okie? Would that be a "Frokie"? Personally, for several years my main criteria for selecting a good presidential candidate has to do with the Saturday Night Live possibilities. And I kinda think a "Frokie," might work!