Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Randomness With Randomisity

In the past week, we've ran the whole gamut of 70 degree weather, to a small snowstorm, to so much freakin' rain I have considered just going ahead and planting a garden to make it stop. Not really... you'll see me planting a garden 'bout the same time Satan dons bright blue mittens.

So with the randomness of this post, here's some pics from a couple days ago with that whole weird snowstorm thing.

And some babies... We've got close to 50 so far, had 3 just this morning.

And the bridle faced cow. This is one of the cows in the banner at the top here at Sawdust and Cowpies. The ol' girl has been around the place for years, I raised her myself from a kitten. Just by chance she's marked up so that it looks like she's wearing a bridle all the time.

Let's see.. what else? Oh Oh... went over to my buddy Gary's house to pick up some parts that he wanted welded up. Gary had the flu. The bad flu. He came tottering outside while I was rummaging around in his workshop getting the parts. As sick as he was, I couldn't look at him without laughing. The baggy grey sweat pants, the untied work boots... the most pathetic look on his face possible. I said "Hey, I need to get my camera, stay right there and don't get well for a couple minutes" He said "the last time I let you take my picture you sold copies of 'em." I said, "I know. Hold still."

And the other day I was looking at the radar map trying to see if it was gonna rain or snow and this weird radar screen came up. I dunno what the heck was wrong with it but... it looks like the mother ship just blew Kansas City to smithereenies. KABLOOIE!

And finally I ran across this GIF of Monica's ex boyfriend's wife photoshopped into the Ace Ventura dance along with her co-horts. The whole thing just kills me but... Oh hell... I don't know, I laughed outloud. I'm easily entertained.

I think it's about time to relate the story of my "Very Bad Cow Day". Hopefully I'll get that one out tomorrow... it's a near novel. :-)

Eh well, have a good one and remember, it's better to step in it than to be it.


Jerry said...

Well you're not weird, Jace. I laughed too. :)

WowsRose said...

Now lets see that, in instant replay...REeeeeeeeeeeeeraarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee.

Poor Mr.B.