Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a beautiful day!

Our first hint of spring here today... finally! In the 70's and lots of sunshine. This winter has hung on like a cheap relative in the upstairs bedroom. All I wanted was for it to just go away and it just kept getting handed to us, over and over. And not just the weather, but all the life incidents that seemed to go with it. Family and poor health and near catastrophe at times. I'm ready to see some dandelions, the peeper froggies are tearing it up outside right now. Pure music.

Sal and I had to run down to Columbia today, I had a doctor's appointment. Got that taken care of and my back is definitely doing better. Made the obligatory stop at Harbor Freight to look over the cheap Chinese imported crap and sniff the fumes of the store. Rubber tires embalmed in mothballs and dosed with fresh paint. That's the best description of the store that I can come up with. One of the few places on earth where you can find nose hair trimmers next to the 1/2" pneumatic impact wrenches which is next to the "deluxe" wheelchair, which is next to 48 dozen different sets of the same screwdrivers packaged differently, which is right next to the plastic pig that gives a laughable electronic "oink" when you walk by it.

A true treasure trove of stuff that is all best left at the store. I bought sanding sponges today. :-)

We picked up a new 8'x10' area rug for our newly redone living room at another store, at lunch at "The Trough" and came home.

I love good magazines... not much of a book reader, but I'm a magazine reading fool. Picked up a new one today off the stand that looks promising, called "Range". Apparently all about the new American cowboy in America's outback. I mostly bought it for the cover picture which is just awesome. A young western couple in work clothing holding their baby. We'll see how it picks or pans.

Here's a link to Range's website, and the cover of this month's mag is up in the top right hand side... kinda smallish picture.

As long as I'm on the magazine topic, Sally gifted me with a subscription to "Woodwork" magazine. I've bought this a few times off the newstand, real hard one to find around here, but worth the look. Woodwork deals mostly with more advanced type woodworking and leans heavily on the artsy fartsy side of things... which I like a lot. I've dropped all my woodworking mag subscriptions except of Fine Woodworking and Woodwork. Woodwork is in first place for me.

And here's a link to Woodwork magazine.

Calving is progressing nicely... so far we've only lost one baby and I've lost count of how many we've got now. Got a real nice shot of one of our heifers with a still wet 20 minute old baby, getting his first taste of his momma's milk.

And a shot of Psycho Cow's (named years ago because of an unfortunate incident lol) baby who seems to have perfected the term "symmetrical". Ain't she a cutie?


Kim said...

There's a Harbor Freight store here and I wondered what they carried. Now I know, and I don't even need to go in there. Well, unless I want some nose hair trimmers I guess. Love your wooden buttons over at Vicky's blog, by the way. Did I mention that before? The mention of your magazine subscription reminded me.

WowsRose said...

I can't wait to hear the frogs!!

Can I bring that calf home with me and keep him as a pet? So cute.

"Rubber tires embalmed in mothballs and dosed with fresh paint."
You nailed it. Try walking in that joint with morning sickness. GAG GAG


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