Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Towers and Calves

My buddy Gary called this morning and said the Telephone Co. was coming at 9 to climb the tower... this tower lol and start hanging electronics on it, and of course I got over there just as soon as I got back from the farm. They sent a boy out 'bout my size to climb this thing. Me and Gary were both immediately wondering about this decision that they'd made, we were thinking they oughta be sending a short and skinny guy up there, and this guy was DEFINITELY uncomfortable going up this thing.

There he goes...

The guy got to this point here and just stopped. We stood and watched him for a few minutes and finally Gary hollared and asked if he was okay... and he started up some more.

Almost there...

And finally he makes it. At this point we're both kinda worried that the guy was just gonna lockup up there and not be able to come down. Poor guy was obviously outside his comfort zone. He just stood up there for a real long time, just kinda watching the world go by.

In the end there was some kind of electrical interference of some sort and they had to bring all their stuff down. Friday another climber is coming out with all new electronics. I was bored to tears watching this poor schmuck, I dunno if I'll make it for the Friday climb.

The calf crop is progressing nicely with not too many problems this year. The cold snap from a few weeks ago was pretty tough on the calves ears that were unfortunate enough to be born on those 3 days. Took the tips of them right off and gives 'em kind of a clip eared schnauzer look... if schnauzers looked like calves.

And there's always the genetic throwback. We've got some Simmental lineage in our brood cows and every once inawhile you get one of these little chocolate colored rigs. They don't sell quite as well because of their color, but they're kinda cute.

A nice little puddle of babies.

And finally a little guy with attitude on his face.


Vicky said...

I kinda feel sorry for that guy! Wanta bet they send that short, skinny guy out next time? LOL Cute cows!

Kim said...

That cow with the ear issue--aren't his ears big enough for one of those tags? He's looking a little left out. After all, everyone else has those nice tag earrings and all. And I like that chocolate looking one--I'd buy him! Well, I would if he'd promise to stay that small and live out back with our dog, but I suspect things wouldn't work out that way.

zizzybob said...

I bet you'd have an attitude too if you had that stupid thing stuck in your ear!

Bon said...

I agree with zizzybob.

And another thing, who in their right mind would climb that tower? NOT ME!!