Friday, July 18, 2008

HEADLINE: Horrible North Missouri Drought Of 2008 Broke Today!

It's true. The 7 day long drought of 2008 broke this afternoon with a deluge dumped from the heavens. Just in time too. Mommy and Daddy Mosquitoes all over the region were starting to worry for their babies living in waterholes that could possibly dry up in the next 30 days of the drought. Earthworms everywhere were starting to wheeze from an outbreak of dust. Postholes being dug were taking 15 to 20 seconds longer to fill with water when dug. It was getting serious, folks.

What did it take to break this awful awful 7 day drought?

We mowed down about 40 acres of Alfalfa and about 80 acres of other hay. *sigh* Got about 90 bales (the big ginormous ones) of the alfalfa wrapped up, probably another 40 bales of it got washed off... and all the other grass hay did too.

Eh well... it was too fluffy and leafy and full of cow vitamins anyhow.


In other news, I've suddenly become a cop magnet. I dunno what the heck is going on. I got an insane speeding ticket earlier in the year that caused me to give birth to a litter of orangutans when I had to go to court and do my bit to keep Macon County afloat for the first quarter of 08. That was the first speeding ticket I'd got in years. Not that I didn't deserve em... but...

So 'bout a month ago we were leaving a place where I'd played with the band and across the street about 6 cop cars all lit on one of Macon's finer (heavy sarcasm) drinking establishments. Well heck, I wanted to see what was going on cause, that's just the way I am, so I circled the block. Got a good look at a buncha painted up heavy girls flowing outta the front door like dumping marbles out on the floor. A few other unsavory types followed and then the officers had their guy and his mouthy wife/girlfriend who was pointing and flailing her arms and evidently predicting the end of the earth... and I'm just guessing her soon to be handcuffed condition.

So me and Sal just drive on down the street and on come the flashing lights.

Gah! I hate that a whole bunch.

I got no ticket but the officer told me I made 3 turns without signaling and then I DID signal and went straight.

My great great great Grandpa Weber used to pull that move all the time when he was outrunnin' the sheriff on horseback. Always worked for him. Anyway, I told him he had an attractive badge and showed him my papers and we went on our merry way.

Last nite we leave from playing at a local eating and drinking place and I'll danged if I did'nt get pulled over again. This time it was a state trooper and I was speeding and had my license plate light burned out. I commented on his perfect posture (no I didn't) and he told me to go on without the speeding part taking place.

Good grief.

We had some fun last nite, always like playing at this place. We get a local crowd and just have a blast. Sal got a nice shot of us with the sun behind us.



WowsRose said...

1. That picture? Awesome.

2. It's a good thing you don't drive an XB.

3. You always look suspicious.

4. Your name is probably listed next to Jake's in the Macon Most Watched list. lol

Jerry said...

Great picture, Sal! Sorry about the magnet part. I've been lucky. Well, most of the time around here I drive a marked vehicle, so they just sorta wave as I slow down.... :)

I can't afford to speed in the Suburban anymore. Ack!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your contributions sustaining Macon County!
Y'all sounded terrific Thursday night - looking forward to Flywheel next week.

Anonymous said...

Always thought you was a 'magnetic' kinda guy, Jace. Just too damn bad it has to be cops you're magnetic with!

Hope I didn't jinx the hayin'! I was just surprised it had dried enough to cut based on the pics you put up a few days ago.

Tell Sal I like her pics, but she's gotta watch that shifty guy with the goatee and the sunglasses. Might break her camera!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Love your site and music! You're a funny man.