Sunday, July 13, 2008


As I've said before, I'm a youtube addict. I get stuck there on that whole ginormous website of videos and can't get loose from it. I'll start off with a search for a particular band or song and an hour later I'm watching 2 midgets wrestle a sea lion in a wading pool filled with Jello.

How the hell does that happen?

Anyway, I got a little complication of youtubes for you. "Idiots". Oh and Lord have mercy... the internets are full of 'em. Here ya go.

I don't care if this is real or faked or whatever... it makes me laugh. How not to break into a building with "rock proof" glass.

LOL and then this jackass that KNOWS he's won the race. "Hello. Darwin?"

Parallel parking couldn't be any more painful if you drug the car into the spot with your tongue tied to the bumper. The techno music forced me to drive an icepick into my ears.

I don't even know what would cause a person to attempt this on a bicycle.... or any other means of transportation for that matter. My parts ache for this idiot.

And then in typical youtube viewing fashion... I got sidetracked to this guy that's so drunk, he's trying to ride his bike (or somebodies bike) without a front wheel.

And finally making the full youtube sideways dance... I just fall into drunk videos, which still falls into the idiot theme. Beer.

Off to play some music!

Have a great week.



WowsRose said...

Bicycle! Bicycle! The video that started it all...

Jerry said...

I gotta thank you for posting these. LMAO!! The rock - that was a riot! The drunk with the bike, well, I just shook my head for the whole video. :)

Surf on!!