Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Grief The Week Is Flying By...

My Grandpa always said that the older you get, the quicker life runs you over. This past couple weeks it's seemed like Life was driving the southbound Amtrak and I got caught in the crossing.

Last Friday I sat in with the East Fork Bandits band for a dance down in Macon. Other than it was hotter than the hubs of Hell... we had a blast. We'd gotten in 2 practices, and considering *that*, we sounded pretty good. Did a couple of 15 song sets, had a pretty good crowd of dancers and a larger crowd of listeners. Somehow it didn't rain that night, but the mud was in abundance. Holy cow...

Here's a few pics and a couple of videos from Friday. I was playing guitar in the 6 piece band. There were 3 of us from our regular band Keota, Mary Beth, Louis and myself with Kevin M. on lead guitar and vocals, Todd S. on a thumpin' ol Rickenbacker bass, and Timmy L on drums and vocals.

Gotta do the obligatory Mustang Sally... The video quality is horrible, sorry 'bout that, but the sound is "decent".

Did a song by a gal named Jennifer Hanson called Beautiful Goodbye that was kinda cool, sorta grew on me a bit.

After Friday night, Keota did a couple of short sets at another deal as guests of another band. Had a load of fun there and hopefully a little bit better quality video. I'll have to give it a look.



debijeanm said...

I love to read your posts about performing. Just this past week my drummer son played again - two days in a row. The best years of our lives were the years when we could go watch the two boys perform somewhere - anywhere! But G's been too depressed to play for over a year now so it was a hopeful sign to hear him playing again.

Hey, do you read She's posted a story you might enjoy. We both thought it sounded like someone you might know.

Have a great day!

gracie said...

Man we wish we had been there for the whole weekend of music! There's a ton of amazing talent in that group. Yourself included, Buster :)

g and j

Greenmare said...

I would say you have a great band going there. I loved the hardware store story, until I thought I was going crazy with the page zipping up and down fast enough to make me blind, then I noticed my cat hade his paw on the enter key. Good heavens, what next!