Monday, July 7, 2008

A Shindig!

Between getting zapped by lightning and trying to play catchup on work and yardwork and housepainting and a half dozen other things... Sal and I decided to throw a Shindig. And so we did. And a fine one it was.

We live in a real rural, farming area and the weather had turned out perfect, so our attendance was down a little bit 'cause 'bout half that we'd invited had to scurry to get field work and haying done. But we still had a real respectable turnout. Lots of good BBQ beef (it's what's for dinner, you know)lots of baked beans and pies and cakes and as hard as it is to believe.... beer. Quite a bit of it.

Our band, Keota (we've got an awesome website now... THANK YOU NICKY!) played until we couldn't play anymore. It was hot, it was humid and it was a total blast. Anytime of the day, when we were playing and when we weren't, everyone there had a mile wide smile on their faces.

So, anyhow... here's a load of pics from our Shindig yesterday.


Sally made us a banner with her banner making skills. This is our bands logo... and this is a mongo sized banner. All fabric. Just different colors and prints she puts together to make it come out like this. She's a genius. I'm pretty dang proud of her. She'd just got it finished up so we kinda did a haphazard hanging of it... she'll get someway of hanging it for real figured out. She always does.

We took over Jake's shop for the Shindig and hung the banner between the posts of the car lift.

We played... That's (from the left) Louis (Louie), Me, Martina, Ronnie and our friend Roscoe that sat in with us yesterday on the bass.

We had some fun... and played some more.

My friend Ryan wanted to play "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard and I hung my Stratocaster on him, hooked him up, gave him some volume and he wowed the crowd. I think this was the largest number of people he'd ever played in front of and he did GREAT! Real neat kid with a lotta heart and gutsy too!

Then we played some more and had some more fun.

Some people brought their crayons...

Some people brought their own instruments to play....

And some people just took naps...

And then we played some more music and had some fun. That's my dad right there!!!

And yesterday was the last day for Nunsense to run in the theater in town and Katrina and Cheyene... 2 of the nuns from the play, came out and had some fun with us. They had us in tears with this little routine that they played out in the yard. Katrina (red hair) is in a ventriloquist act and Cheyene (black hair) is her dummy. I almost turned my chair over... lol

And then... well... we had some more fun!

Then, of all things.... we played some more music.

I just liked this shot. Ronnie is Martina's step-dad... They certainly compliment one another's musical gift, and this shot here... just "wow".

'Long towards the end of the day, some of us were starting to wind down...

And then it was time to just lay 'em down save something for the next time... what a great shot huh? Thanks Nicky!



Jerry said...

Oh man, would I have loved to have been there. I wouldn't have known a soul 'cept yo and Sal, but I'd have had me a seriously good time for sure!

Thanks for the smiles, Jace! And Sal, your talent is awesome!!!!!

(Dang, BBQ beef, music and beer...BBQ, music and beer....BBQ, music and beer........ sigh)

Anonymous said...

Hey-I'm leaving my comment so you know I've been here-Boy Howdy-I wish I had of been there. Looks like Good Times!! U2's Amagio, Babs

gracie said...

We knew we shudda stayed :(

We talked about you guys on Sunday...knowing the shindig to end all shindigs was happenin' w/o us.

Glad you guys had a blast but we gotta say....the best part of yer blog was the pix. Gosh we miss *all* those faces and hearing you guys play and sing.

The Roadies

Anonymous said...

They're out there having fun,
In the North East Missouri sun!

Great pics! I could almost hear the music.

Tell Sally that I really like here banner and to be sure to trademark it and to trademark the bouquet separately. Two roses and all those thorns! I LUV IT!

Brent said...

Now wait a had BEER? :) After seeing the pics of the almighty shindig, I think I'll kick myself in the rear a bit harder about missing it. Kudos to Sal for the awesome banner (thought you went to Kinko's or something!). Sure sounds like everyone had a great time thanks for the just doesn't get any better than that!

Good luck with those triple callouses :)

Kim said...

Ah! So you're a GARAGE band?! ROFLOL! Looks like a blast!