Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain, A Busy Weekend, And A POS Cabinet.

We got back in the hayfield yesterday and got baled up what had been mowed down for a couple of days and rained on once. Mowed down about another 40 acres in the process and.... it rained all night, all morning, and all day. It's flooded again.

Yee Haw.

Getting ready for a busy weekend, although it doesn't look like there's gonna be any field work done according to the weather forecast, it'll let me get caught up on some odds and ends stuff in the shop. Ain't hardly stepped foot in there for over a week now.

They hold a big old tractor/steam engine/old engine thing out at the fairgrounds every year called the Flywheel Reunion. Lasts for about 4 days and is a lotta hoopla, draws a heckuva crowd into the county with a ginormous flea market and more tractors and folks in bib overalls than you can shake a monkey wrench at. I'm playing guitar with some swell folks in a country/southern rock band, East Fork Bandits, on Friday nite at a dance there. Then on Saturday night, our regular band, Keota is playing a couple of sets as guests of another band at a sit-down music show. Oughta get all "musiced" out by the end of the weekend. I don't think we're playing anywhere Sunday night, so if you want us over at your place... send me an email. :-)

Lessee... the big POS painted cabinet from this post got sorta kinda wrapped up. The customer came and looked at it, were thrilled silly, paid me some money... and I've still got a little to do to it. Gotta tone some wood on it that I replaced to match the other stuff and order some hardware for the bottom doors that'll match the upper doors. The hinges? Gah... don't ask. I hate 'em. Seriously. Those are so wrong... they're... blegh. It's gotta get gone soon 'cause everytime I walk by it I wanna pick at 'em like a loose piece of wallpaper in an insane asylum.

Anyway, there's 2 beveled mirrors that I resilverd that go in those openings at the back of the base top. I'll move it to their house before they go in.

There it is in all it's freakin' glory.

The customer is finishing it themselves... after I match the repairs.

Okay, dingity dingity dang. Have a great weekend. I'll try and have some videos to throw on for you!


Jerry said...

Hard to believe that beauty emerged from a painted mess. I gotta disagree about the hinges - they are ugly enough to be cool, I think.

Another incredible piece of work, Jace. That's pretty pine there!!

Thanks for the pics. :)

Good luck with the hay.....

debijeanm said...

Dang, you're good!

quiltmom said...

HI Jace,
That is one beautiful piece of furniture that you have rebuilt- who would have believed that you could get such a lovely thing from the original messed up piece.
Have fun making music and enjoying the fair..
Regards ,