Friday, August 1, 2008

Dave's Not Here.

So Sal and I were driving home this evening, we'd went to the local theater groups performance of High School Musical and had a real nice evening and somehow our conversation turned to Cheech and Chong. We are both children of the 60's-70's (pssst Sal's got a couple years on me, meaning she experienced more of those years but remembers less)(it's okay, I can say that... she's in love with me 'n stuff) and being from that time period a source of high (pun intended) humor was listening to Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong albums/tapes.

Of course then we started going through what bits and pieces of their routines that we could actually remember.

"Hey man... it's raining cats and dogs out here man."

"Parlez vous hummaa hummaa?"

"Good thing we didn't step in it man!"

And then Sal said "Dave's not here man". I had forgotten all about that one. She said the bunch she hung out with, anytime someone came to the door, everyone in the room would say in unison... DAVE'S NOT HOME MAN!

Then I got tickled and as soon as we walked in the door I had to find a youtube of that routine. I know, I know... I'm supposed to be a grown up human bean that shouldn't be laughing at such sophomoric drug humor... but I lived it. Probably a lot of you did too. So.. here LOL.

BTW how many of you thought of this when you read my post title? :-)

I had all their albums on 8 track.


I just remembered how this whole conversation started with Sal and I. (man lol) I had just read a news article that the boys are going on tour and it's called "What's That Smell?" Even THAT makes me laugh. Tommy is 70 I think, and obviously is outta jail currently. There's a video that's worth a watch if there's nothing else pressing in your life at the moment.

Okay, that's my thoroughly intelligent post for this evening.

"That's the biggest joint I ever saw man!"




Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hey, man! This is I have any messages?????

hahaha.....thanks for the memory!


Anonymous said...

Just read in the paper where they are planning a tour together again! Man, they looked old in the picture! Hugs, Gwen

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Thanks for the comment on my site! You Rock! n Roll!
That's a glass of Limes Silly.. Been going to Cabo for 20+ years and I lived there for 4 years. I just brought my wonderful boyfreind down there this past May for FUN FUN FUN!!!!! That's the way the Mexicans serve their Limes to customers!!!
- Jennifer