Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Breast Milk Ice Cream, Bacon Flavored Vodka, And Squalor

Just some random stuff tonite that I've had bookmarked as I ran across 'em. I can't say that I saved these articles because they'd improve my life... or your life in any way, they just struck me in an odd way that made me save 'em and now I can delete 'em outta my bookmarks.

Ta Dah!

The first is the whole Ben and Jerry's vs. PETA thing from a week or so ago. Seems PETA (whom you all know I must surely love and adore... I'm just not spitting out this hunk of T-bone to tell 'em how much I love them) got a brilliant idea for ol' Ben and Jerry's to use human breast milk in some or all of their ice cream.

My first reaction to this is "Yuck". My second reaction to this is "How the hell are you gonna set up a dairy operation like this and how long is the line to get a job there?"

Sometimes my head just swims with things like this. Here, read the freakin' article. Let's see how many freaks get dragged into Sawdust and Cowpies from a Google search on "breast milk ice cream" on this post.



My next foray into internetal savability is... Bacon Flavored Vodka. As you all know, I love bacon. I also have a fondness for distilled spirits in various forms. For this guy to combine the two... he must be a genius. Seriously. I bet his mom brags on him all the dang time. Bacon. Vodka. *Forrest Gump voice* "Lak peas and carrots."

You can read 'bout it on this other dude's blog. I don't know him... the original news article ran out and this is where I found it. He seems a bit bitter, just going on his banner tag. Probably liberal, he mentions "neocons". In spite of that I might like him, you never know. He apparently is in Hawaii so... hang loose and peace out man.

And finally, I'm a sucker for a good human squalor story and this one is epic. Seriously man, how many burnt butts and pizza boxes does one need to own to fulfill their OCD? Dang.

No really finally now. I just finished up a custom piece for a guy... turned out pretty nice even if I do say so myself and I just did. Real nice to get to do some stuff like this once in awhile... lets me flex my artsy fartsy muscle just a touch... then back to gluing up busted chairs. lol Here, take a look, it's on the wood working forum.

I've never ended a blog post with this word and I kinda want to... so here.




Jane said...

Far out!

gracie said...

Nice brown spots on the wood piece and what does this mean....internetal savability?

the blonde

Greenmare said...

truly, bacon flavored vodka seems like an awful lot of work to me. I read the process. I thnk I'll skip it, but thanks for pointing it out to us here in groovy blog land............

Cowguy said...

Gracie said :"what does this mean....internetal savability?"

That would be Jacespeak for "BOOKMARKED!" Thanks for braggin on the brown spots and x's and o's back atcha

Greemare said :"truly, bacon flavored vodka seems like an awful lot of work to me."

I think if a person got a rolling start on their evening... or afternoon... or morning of drinking, at some point you could just switch off to eating bacon and drinking the Vodka. It'd work like switching off to Mad Dog after the guest have drank all the good wine.

Just a theory.

Jane said: "Far out!"


Jennifer and Sandi said...

I don't know anything about ice cream and vodka, but I do know a gorgeous piece of furniture when I see one. Outstanding! I know it's not a picnic table....is it a desk? When I first looked at it I thought it had beveled glass in it??? Your customer should be thrilled!


WowsRose said...

Dude, you should warn people before posting a link to that disgusting apartment! DUDE!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I demand to talk to the complaint dept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's hysterical!

Nice TV stand, it's beautiful!!

- Jennifer

Jerry said...

I stumbled over the "internetal savability" too. Had to read that to Anne.

I'm with wowsrose on this one - you owed us a warning. That's just un-be-freakin-lievable.

Lady of the Cloth said...

Love the squalor guy/gal pics. And sometimes I think if I've missed a week vacuuming that I'm a bad housekeeper. I have to love the ironing board and iron in the middle of all this. How would one look coming out of this house with everything all neat and pressed. NOPE, not gonna happen, I'll bet.