Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Junkyard Millionaire Venture May Be Coming To A Sad Close

Me and my buddy Gary loaded up a mighty impressive load of iron goodness this morning... I mean we really worked at it. Ended up with about 5000 pounds of good ol' made in the USA iron on the trailer. We hauled it over to the scrapyard, already thinking about blowing our earnings on beer, cigarettes and candy... and then we got word of the current price. $95 per ton. Our fortune dwindled to about $100 bucks apiece after taking out gas money.

We shuffled outta the scrapyard office like 2 little guys that had just experienced rejection from the girl of their dreams. The girl of our dreams in this case was a falling empire of ner' to be had riches beyond our wildest desires.

After divvying up our meager funds we both decided we were half starved to death and went to a local restaurant that we both like... it was closed. Rejection closed in darker than a moonless night around us. We drove over to Casey's.. I said "It's close to noon, they'll have pizza's coming outta the oven!"

Casey's was pizzaless. Not only pizzaless, but cookless as well. I stared at the beercase and contemplated Millers for lunch, but chose to take the high road.

Gary, in a stroke of near brilliance said "Hey, I saw an auction going on downtown... let's go see if they're cooking!" Now here in Missouri, when there's an auction, there's usually some pretty dang good homecooked food to be had.

GAZAANGGOOOOO!!!! We struck pay dirt. The local ladies service group was doing hotdogs and hamburgers and all the other stuff that goes with that. Bonus points, I knew most of the gals there AND my friend Tim was flipping burgers on the grill. I asked him to please not spit on my burger.... he may have anyway. It's hard to tell when you're that hungry.

So then we got to Gary's and I ended up buying his old livestock trailer with my junkin money... had to kick in some extra. You can read all about that saga here if you wanna. LOL

Alright... please feel free to carry on and got 'bout your business.



Jerry said...

Well that's just not right. There goes a million dollar dream down the drain. OTOH, you scored a custom woodhauler and what more could a man ask for in one day - a hundred dollars, hotdogs and hamburgers, a man-sized trailer and going home down $50. LMAO!!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

SWEET! Love the trailer. It's definately got class! I love going to auctions.


WowsRose said...

now who's going to take that scrap crap outta the garage for us?

Holly said...

Somehow I think the price of scrap metal has something to do with China. I don't quite understand the connection myself but the guy that removed our leaking water tank says he'll only get like a third of what he would have before the Beijing Olympics. I'm just glad we have water and the old, ugly, rusty tank is gone.