Thursday, October 23, 2008

Found Things In Old Furniture *again* and I Won An Award!

I had a post a while back about things I find in old furniture that people bring me for restoration. Found a couple things this past week... lol

The first. Grandma musta decided she didn't need the bra straps after all, even after blowing all that money on 'em. The look of the gal on the one package is priceless... "Look what I've got!"

Dang, those things are pointy!

In another piece I found a local newspaper dated in June 1945 with some cool stuff in it. The entire front page, every article, is about the war. And if you'll notice, we didn't mince words either back in those days. The enemy was the enemy and we called 'em whatever we damned well pleased.

As always, click the pics for a larger view.

Another article was written by a pilot the "flew the hump". I used to have a customer in my gunshop that flew the hump for many many flights. I later served on a local board with him until he passed away. He had some totally incredible stories about his piloting years.

And now... AWARDS!

Jennifer and Sandi handed off the MeMe award to me. A little known fact about these girls, both posed for Playboy... you know "back in the day". I've seen the evidence and all I gotta say is "WOW!"

Shocking eh?

So anyhow on to the prize requirements. I'm supposed to sing and dance my way through a blog post telling you certain things about me... shoe size and such. Okay, everything BUT shoe size. Here's my list, just so they don't call me something horrible like "award welcher" or "mr. poopyhead" or worse.

1. Clothes. Jeans and T's. That's 'bout it.

2. Furniture. Antique and artsy fartsy stuff too.

3. Sweets. Cheesecake and Cheesecake. Sometimes I like Cheesecake ON my cheesecake as well.

4.City. I dunno what this means so... I've lived in Missouri my whole life. Never left the country, traveled thru the south quite a bit. Yeah, that's 'bout it.

5. Drink. Lots of water. Miller Lite, good whiskey or cheap whiskey or even better, free whiskey.

6. Music. I'm pretty varied with my music. I'm a firm believer if you get stuck listening to one single genre of music pretty soon you're gonna hear everything there is to hear and why would you wanna do that. Rock, Country, love the Blues. I flip on classical once in awhile.

7. TV series. Oops. I don't watch tv series. I watch discovery and History channel quite a bit. WAIT! I love Bonanza and Gunsmoke. That's my answer! Ha!

8. Films. We watch a LOT of movies. I like blood gore and guts and veins in my teeth sort of stuff. Good comedies too!

9. Workout. I strained in the bathroom this morning.

10. Coffee. Oh hell yeah. My tastes aren't all foo foo and snooty. Folgers Black Silk. If that stuff don't get your motor running you're in deep trouble cousin. Starbucks? I laugh. There ain't one within 50 miles of me and I wouldn't know how to order a half caf decaf skim chowder flingle with cream spongles if there were one here. McDonalds has good coffee if the kid at the drive thru doesn't spit in your cup.

And now I'm 'posed to pass it on to 5 others. I gotta think 'bout this one though... I don't read gobs of blogs, just a handful. Gimmee a day or two.

"Skim chowder flingle". lol I kill myself...



Jerry said...

Dang! That "flying the hump" story stopped right at the good part!!

That's fascinating, Jace. The newspapers, I mean. The bra straps, well, not so much after the "grandma" comment......


McDonalds coffee for me, too. Black, 6 ice cubes (I don't want to have to sue the corporation).

zizzybob said...

"I like blood gore and guts and veins in my teeth sort "
Do I detect an Alices Restaurant fan? That will cetainly date you.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

As I sit here and sip McDonalds coffee, your telling me "they" spit in the cup?????

G - Thanks..

Gotta go dump out my coffee now

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Jennifer has been sweet enough to "cut and paste" this and send it to me here at work (blogs are a no-no here - but I'm allowed to navigate to the comments????). Now I understand why.......I'm sitting here LMAO at my monitor........

....and need to get your pancreas fixed for goodness sake.....!


Jennifer and Sandi said...

Oh yeah.......did I mention I'm a pilot? Flew the hump once!!! Man.....that just doesn't sound right now does it?



Jennifer and Sandi said...