Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hey... HEY!! I'm right here!

Man I apologize in advance for being derelict in my blogful duties... but it's been a whirlwind around here. A brief rundown of what's taken place.

Son visited from San Diego for a few days.

Daughter visited with 3 grandkids for a few days.

We went to an awesome blues festival one evening.

I chased cows.

We had a BBQ with a buncha friends here at our place.

Played a buttload of music in between stuff.

Got the kids sick of one song by my constant singing of it.

Oh... it's "White Freightliner Blues" by Townes Van Zandt.

It's really a cool song and the kids are being dumb.

Had a big calf get acorn poisoning and die.

Moved all the cows away from all Oak trees. (that's a tough one)

Chased cows some more until I had a heart attack in my knee.

Jake got my old 72 Chevy truck running.

It's awesome and you'll be treated to a photograph essay of this blue beauty.

I worked in the shop a gob and built and restored things made of tree wood.

I drank waaay too much one night. (same night as BBQ) (note: Impress your friends by just saying to hell with glasses and drink right outta the Half Gallon bottle of Wild Turkey.) (Note: "impress" is a very loose term) (Note: Be careful when you're walking in your yard after the Wild Turkey trick.) (Note: Clorox removes grass stains from the front of T-shirts just dandy)

Got invited to and attended the presentation ceremony of a cross I built for a student chapel at the local university.

Had poison ivy all on my arms from my wrists to past my elbows.

Took a steroid pack to get rid of the poison.

Sweat a lot, acted hyper and talked real loud while I was on the steroids.

Really sweat a lot. A whole lot.

Played a gig last night with the band that was an excellent evening.

Martina got me Baxter Black autograph. Pics to follow.

Martina rules.

And finally... had a slight case of constipation this morning.

That's 'bout it. Details later!

VP debate coming on... gotta git.

Rock on!



Anonymous said...


Wild Turkey was involved?

That splains ever'thing!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Wild Turkey.......hooo ahhhhhh how I love Wild Turkey. Reminds me of a not....

Glad you're back. I think I've got carpal tunnel now from checking to see if you'd been here or click click click click......


Jerry said...

Well, anyone who knows you at all knows if you ain't talkin' there's good reason.

Been patiently waiting, and sure am glad to see you back. :)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

*Tink* You remind me...I think I need to go grab a Bug Light!! Oh wait.... CRAP I CAN'T, I'm working :(

HAPPY FRIDAY and stay safe chasing mean cows !!!!!!!!!
- Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Martina does rule! Wish I could meet her someday. tee-hee!

Kim said...

Did the poison ivy have anything to do with the Wild Turkey and grass stains? Back in high school, I had a friend who swore that putting bleach on poison oak sores cured it real fast. Me? I just preferred to stay out of poison oak. But you might try bleaching the grass-stained T-shirt while wearing it over the poison ivy rash. Just a thought you might consider next time you're having a little Wild Turkey. Let us know if it works.

Clyde said...

This is why I love your blog...laundry tips & constipation in the same entry LOL.

Hope you've recovered and can go out and enjoy the weekend properly!