Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hacksaw? HACKSAW???

Welp folks, we got to watch the first of the woodworking shows, "North Missouri Woodworking with Jace Weber" last evening and I am sooo impressed. Impressed with the quality of work that Martina, the producer and Drew, the cameraman/editor, turned out. I was totally blown away. If you remember when I wrote about it a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have a clue how they were gonna put it all together in the end with all of the "let's do that again but from this point this time" type of stuff.

I'm just amazed how that all works. Those 2 are really something.

My part turned out pretty nice as well and I was happy with it until I blurted out "Hacksaw". Yes, on a woodworking show I said hacksaw. Don't ask me what the hell was going through my thick rind' punkin' of a head when it flew outta my mouth. I was telling how to cut out a piece of wood on the bandsaw and said you could just as easily do it with a couple of different saw types if you didn't have a bandsaw.

What my brain said was "backsaw".

What rolled off my tongue was "hacksaw".

For the unknowing amongst y'all, here's a backsaw.

And this, is a hacksaw.

A backsaw is for woodworking, a hacksaw is for just hacking the crap out of the dangling tailpipe on your Buick or for sawing the aluminum hand railings off the stairs somewhere to sell for scrap, or even for getting under your sink and ruining all your plumbing. They're best for that. I've ruined more plumbing with a hacksaw than a politicians got promises.

Eh well, it made me laugh. And laughing at myself... well, I excell at that.

But truly people, these 2 made me look like an old pro. It's a pretty cool little show and entertaining too!

So, if y'all want a DVD of this show, call this number:


That's Chariton Valley Communications. Tell 'em you wanna copy of "North Missouri Woodworking with Jace Weber". They'll probably question your sanity for a bit but just play along and they'll give in. :-) Seriously though, it'll be 'bout $10 bucks and a little postage probably.

Tell 'em I said to call.

Annnnnnddddd ... we're shooting episode NUMBER TWO tomorrow! Yessiree Bob. After this it looks like it's gonna be a once monthly program. I'm real grateful and real excited about this whole thing folks. I truly am.

Now then I wanna give a shout out to some friends of ours down in Knoxville, TN that run themselves one helluva set of radio stations, including one net radio station (you can listen to it on your puter) (technology... I tell you whut!) WDVX

Tony Lawson, Program Director


Red Hickey, DJ extraordinaire

These folks are online at Click on the "listen" button and choose the windows media player on the next page. Awesome AWESOME American style music.

Give 'em a listen, you'll love it. Great stuff!

Also Keota is playing tonite (Thursday, November 20) over in Bevier at Ugo's. We'll start playing about 7 pm. Come on over, we'll tear it up for y'all. I promise! Got some new stuff too!

Have a good one!



zizzybob said...

So when you become a big famouse Bob Villa type guy, will you still remember us little folk?

Martina said...

We have already sold a DVD from the state of New York!! People love you Jace!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hey I've used a backsaw once. Doesn't that fit in that $2 plastic miter box thingy-ma-bob?

I made a coffee table out of old barn wood I found layin in the holler when I lived in Liberty KY.

Yours Truly,
I have no idea how to operate said saw or any other woodworking thingy-ma-gig

and I do NOT drive a 81 Trans Am

- Jennifer (the other one)

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I don't think I can get there from here by 7:00. I don't think I could get there by 7:00 if I had a jet parked in my backyard....... Ya'll have a great session!


P.S. Jennifer is lying.......she knows how to operate a bandsaw.....
Remember the angels Jenn????

Kim said...

When do you think we'll be able to rent the first season on DVD at Blockbuster?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Oh yeah!!! I did own a scarey saw to cut out wood parts to make crafts!!
Thanks for the reminder Sandi!

A Liar :(

P.S. I did not lie on purpose, I swear!!