Monday, November 24, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', Keep Them Doggies Rollin'...

Well kids, tomorrow is payday. We got the herd in yesterday and sorted off calves to sell this morning. Got 'em shipped out to the auction barn about noon. I'm a wee bit scared with the whole economy thing and the cattle market being "off". In case you don't know how it all works... we sort off the calves that are ready to be weaned and moved to a feedlot or to grass somewhere. They go to an auction barn and buyers bid on them... and away they go. You don't have a whole lotta say, it's just whatever the market is at the time. It's been a pretty rough year all in all, with much MUCH higher than ever operating expenses for the cattle and now a shot to the nads with a depressed market.

On the plus side, this batch of calves is one of the best looking bunches we've sold for several years. There was plenty of grass with all the rain and the momma's milked like crazy, putting pounds on those babies. We sorted off 65 head to sell in this batch, all of 'em weighing in the 400-500 pound range with a few 600 pounders tossed in. We'll sell the rest of them in the spring after wintering 'em.

About 12 noon central time... keep your fingers crossed.

No one got trampled, kicked, maimed, wooled up. No gates broke open, no cows went bat turds and flew the coop. It was as calm and collected sorting morning as you'll ever see. Didn't make for any good stories but it sure was nice having an easy go at it.

Welp, some of y'all have purchased copies of the DVD from Chariton Valley Communications of my woodworking show and a few have got to see it without breaking out into congenital puking. In case you missed it, and from some of the talk over on the woodworking forum, I think you did... here's the phone number again.


10 bucks and a little postage gets it to you. It'll make a good drink coaster after you watch it.

Ran across a silly little video the other day that I've watched repeatedly trying to figure out "what the???". Here tis...

Cute eh?

Have a great Tuesday y'all.



Jerry said...

How the heck do they do that (re the video)??

Glad the sorting went OK, but the stories are a lot more fun. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Must be one o' them UAW produced on Monday varieties. heh heh

That's a GREAT video effect!

Anonymous said...

"What the...??" How'd they do that?

You know I'll be praying for good sales on the calves, dude! Eve

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Cow-Calf Operation, Cow-Calf Operation, Cow-Calf Operation....why am I saying that?

Because it's cute.

Calves are cute!!!

I will cross my fingers that the little guys bring in big bucks this year!!

Hehehe Bucks....Deer?? Bucks and Deer

Cow-Calf, Cow-Calf, Cow-Calf

- Jennifer

Jennifer and Sandi said...

........and speaking of deer....I came home and had deer practically jumping over the hood of my vehicle trying to get out of my front yard.....sheesh......a big one and a little one....

Doe-fawn doe-fawn doe-fawn........ after my geraniums AGAIN!

Keeping my finners crossed for a good sale on them thar calves for ya!!!


Reenie said...

Hope the sales went well. Hmmm. I'll probably read about them in the next post.

Odd video, that one is. :)