Saturday, November 15, 2008

Youtube'n Saturday

As y'all know, I'm a YouTube junkie. I get stuck in the YouTube loop, one thing leads to another and I've gone from watching a vintage Hendrix video to Hank Williams III videos (not for the faint hearted... lol) to Segway Polo. By the way, Segway Polo ranks right up there with one of the dumbest danged things I've seen in awhile. The guys riding the things all seem to have a stick up their rear end and the Segway's are evidently powered by smugness.

I bet Hank III could write a right purty little ballad 'bout those boys.

So this first video is "Boomer Supermarket 1962" but I think it's mistitled... looks more like 1957-1958ish to me. The Nelson's go shopping in a supermarket. Now it's a little tedious watching some of it, but there are glimpses that are pure joy. The butcher pulling down a hanging veal and cutting Mrs. Nelson the roast she wanted. The veggie department dude weighing up her produce and pricing it for her and best of all... stick around for the very end and check out what the cashier rings up her groceries for.

You'll pee your pants sideways. I promise.

Next is all kinds of toy gun fun. The kid in this commercial is Billy Mumy, he was Will Robinson on the old Lost In Space TV series. I laughed out loud when his dad says "You can't read". Talk 'bout the public smackdown. Hopefully he went to Pop's dresser and put a little Atomic Balm in the old dude's underpants.

"You can't read... I'll teach him some driver's seat acrobatics while he's stuck in rush hour traffic on his way to work tomorrow morning."


Anyway check out the Tommy Gun action and the kid hoses the old mans newspaper with his snub nosed 38. Awesome!

And lastly is "Six Finger". I actually Googled this and it was "Egads!". Who would have known there were so many people with six fingers for real. Some of the pictures were pretty creepy.

Okay, I had one of these 'cause it was all 007ish, Man From UNCLE'ish, cool like. I actually remember pulling this thing out on the playground in grade school and all the guys ooohing and ahhhing over it. As I remember it the range of the "flying cap bomb" was pretty dismal. Pathetic is probably a better term. It'd shoot it out like 3 feet or so and was a pain to put the caps in it... but it looked cool. I got it taken away from me by the playground monitor but I can't remember why now. Got it back at the end of the day at the Principal's office, that was the important part.

Watching this video now, man this was a stupid toy. lol


Have a great Sunday!



WowsRose said...

Poor Chipper!

The whole bandsaw cutting the veal almost made me hurl...and then I seen her total and I really did hurl.

Jerry said...

No "YouTubes" show up for me, Jace. Maybe just my computer? I'll check again tomorrow.

BTW the mystery I had on TWW resolved itself somehow. Odd....

Vicky said...

The Nelsons shopping trip sure brought back memories - from a LONG time ago! Even the car looked vaguely familiar! Her shopping total about floored me! I had totally forgotten those good old days!

I saw a lot of things in those videos that we don't see any more, and some that were a sign of things to come ... Nope, don't want to read the book; it's on TV! LOL. Thanks for the stroll down Memory Lane.

Greenmare said...

well you tube can be entertaining, but I much prefer you setting the ant tree on fire. now that would have been a YOU TUBE!

Jennifer and Sandi said...



- Jennifer *Tink*