Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Step Closer To That Ceeement Pond!

What a blast today! In case you missed yesterday's post, click here. I told y'all 'bout the local cable tv company starting a local station and they were coming out today to shoot a woodworking show at my shop. I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was and what a great NEW experience.

Martina is the producer and she's just incredible at her job. The camerman and editor is Drew... the guy is amazing. He had fancy schmansy lights of all kinds all over the dang shop with little silver umbrellas and wires and cords and the most impressive camera I've ever seen. It was so new it didn't even have a crank on the side of it! Really! It run off 'lectricity just like your clock radio!

Technology... I tell you what.

I got a little microphone that clipped on my shirt, had a wire that ran down my back with a thing clipped on my pocket. I felt so important! It kinda went to my head, sorry to say. I got a little indignant at one point and ran outside to go sit in my ginormous RV in the studio lot, you know, just to pout. I realized I didn't have one when I got outside so I sat in the blue truck instead, smoked a cigar and ate beef jerky. I got over myself pretty quick though, it's just not that much fun sitting in the blue truck.

Seriously though, the professionalism of these 2 young people is pounds of impressive. Drew is a genius with lighting, making it all look perfect through his camera. We'd do a take and I'd get to a point and he'd stop... then we'd do a partial re-shoot from a point that he'd want me to start at. I dunno how all that works out in the end with the editing and stuff, but him and Martina had it all figured out.

I did a little introduction of myself, some blatant plugging of my business, wearing a Keota cap and then we moved on to a full fledged demonstration of doing a "dutchman inlay". I'd done a photo essay of this on The Wood Works a couple of years ago and it went over pretty good, and I thought that it'd be a cool thing to do for the show. It went real nice, I didn't let any power tools get out of control and I didn't cut any appendages off during the process, although I did start bleeding from a box knife wound I did to myself yesterday on my left hand. LOL

We won't be able to youtube this or anything. CVTV will own it and they'll sell DVD's of it as well as broadcasting it several times on the air. Perhaps in time, a year or so down the road it might be a possiblity though with permission.

We're gonna try and shoot another "episode" before December too!!! Drew will be leaving the company and a new cameraman will be taking his place. I'm sure the new guy will be good too, but Drew really impressed me. I want to get the next one done before he leaves.

Sally fixed us a huge lunch after we got done, and Martina and Drew packed up all the myriad of lights and equipment and away they went! It really was sooo much fun, folks. I've got some pics (of course) that Martina and Sally took.

I need to work on my posture... Lordy I look like a midget... Martina, Me and Drew.

And Drew and Martina asked for a good "normal" pose while setting everything up, doing I don't know what with buttons and dials and crap like that. I'm here to please.

A totally cool experience. I loved it!

Martina, Drew and CVTV... y'all rock!




Sally said...

I'm so proud of you!!
(Look't that c-l-e-a-n shop!)

Debi said...

Well, darn! I wanna watch. This is going to be perfect for you. Are they going to let you show that sense of humor?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

How cool is that! I think you need to tell us when the next shoot is and we'll bring donuts and coffee and come cheer you on!!!


Jennifer and Sandi said...

Looked like a great day! And why wasn't it fun to sit in old Blue?
Let us know when the DVD release date is so we can go stand in line at Walgreens to pick up our copy!!

- Jennifer

WowsRose said...

Where's my autograph?

Your proud daughter.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!!! We'll say we knew ya when! Your shop looks great.
I could use some of those lights to do my applique, BTW.

Holly said...

Too bad about the youtube thing but I have an idea. You could get the DVDs for all your family, friends, and mere acquaintances. Christmas is coming up you know.

Anonymous said...

I love the blog and I'm passing it on to the CVTV team! Thanks for bragging about us... I'll point those out to my boss! lol

Martina said...

If people are interested in seeing your program, they can order their very own copy from us for about $10.00. Just call 660-395-9600 to place your order! :-)

Greenmare said...

and we can all say "we knew him when..." okay some of us blogglandians don't really but it feels like we do! now, go work on your theme song!!!

Sarah J. said...

That's so neat! Be sure to let us know when it's going to air!

Kim said...

Oh, thank goodness! I was reading all about this TV show and wondering what you were wearing. I kept picturing you in a torn, stained sweatshirt and sweat pants. Okay, well all I can say is that we've seen photos before. I shoulda had a little more faith in Sally though, I'm sure! LOL! I was soooo relieved when I finally hit the photo section!

Reenie said...

Jace: I was going to leave a comment regarding the chocolate bacon on a stick, but the comment feature is missing… clever ploy to get me to read about your debut into the world of televised entertainment. :) The first thing that came to mind: Have you ever seen an episode of The Red Green Show – a PBS offering. Very, very funny stuff. If you’re not familiar with it, take a peek. Importantly, congrats on this new venture of yours. Will you still be my friend when you’re rich and famous?

Oh, and chocolate bacon on a stick sounds divine. By the looks of Mr. Holmes, he must like it too.