Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pancakes, Chocolate Bacon, Sea Kittens And Other Crap I've Noticed This Week.

So I get up this morning and decided that I need to make myself pancakes. This event happens so seldom in this household I have to go to the chest freezer in the basement to retrieve the pancake mix that lies there just in case some fool decides they need pancakes once a year at the buttcrack of dawn.

I get it, set the bag of pancake mix on the counter and stare at it. I shake it some and stare at it some more. Still no pancakes jumping out of it. "Hummph!"

THEN, I happen to read these instructions printed on the bag... (you may wanna click that pic for a larger view.)

Well, Hell. My pancake cookin' went a whole lot better after following THOSE instructions. Dang.

Staying with the whole food thing, I ran 'cross this story last week about this big ol' boy that loves bacon. Now if y'all been reading my blog for awhile, you KNOW I'm a nut for crisp bacon and lots of food combination's based on bacon. Well, this feller has cooked himself up some crispy bacon, stuck it on a gol danged stick, then poured milk chocolate all over the thing.

Half of y'all are going "GAAAHHH!", the other half are going "Hmmmmmmm, sounds kinda good!". I'm of course, going with the latter. Hey, I got you folks a youtube of it! Here!

Now let's move on to one of my more favorite organizations to poke at with a stick.

Wait. Know what's brown and sticky?

Give up?

A stick.

Okay... PETA. PETA this past week hit the news with their new ad campaign of wanting to rename fish... "Sea Kittens". Yes, they're serious. They want everyone to start calling fish Sea Kittens so it'll be less appetizing to eat fish. Lordy Lordy Lordy...

The only thing I can see that this is gonna do for me is when I drive through McDonalds and order my Filet O Sea Kitten Sandwich, fries and shake... I gotta spit out 2 more syllables than usual.

What? Don't believe it's true. Hell yeah I got the website. Make sure and read the bedtime stories... the cartoon of the kid eating the mercury laden fish made me laugh out loud. Not that a kid eating mercury is amusing to me, it's the whole nanny state ludicrousness of the whole thing.

Here, read about Sea Kittens.

And whilst I'm railing on PETA here's another unbelievable. PETA offered Ringling Bros an Animatronic elephant in exchange for all of Ringling's elephants to go into retirement. Yeah, animatronic like ol' Abe Lincoln in the Hall Of Presidents at Disneyland. LOL It goes on to state how mistreated they are. For crying out loud... the elephants (and other animals) are their lively hood. Most likely they're getting fed better and housed better than half the people working for RB. What about PETC? People for ethical treatment of carneys.

I'd post a link to PETA again for this... but I figure most, if not all of y'all wouldn't click it no how.

Here. Here's a link that's a lot more fun.

A few of y'all have wondered about seeing the woodworking show that we shot last Thursday. As soon as it's done and available I'll let you know. Martina posted the phone number to order it from on another post here at S & C. I'll put it up again as well.

Have a great week!



Jerry said...

One thing I gotta say about you, Jace, is you face life with your eyes wide open. We all have this strange/funny/stoopid stuff all around us but you have a knack of actually seeing it and then writing about it.

I love coming here!!! :)

Thanks for another great post.

Oh, chocolate bacon? Put me in the "GAAAHHH" group. LOL!

Ann said...

I tried the chocolate dipped bacon at the Minnesota state fair this year. I'd have to call it so-so. But for a really good chocolate/bacon combination, you should try the Vosges chocolate bar version with bacon, "Mo's Bacon Bar". That is truly excellent (and no, I have no connection to Vosges other than all the money we've given them for chocolate).

Jennifer and Sandi said...

PETA, PET EM, PETER....what a pain in the butt organization. Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals, biut those guys are a tad "out there"

GO BACON!! And I'm happy you were able to open your pancake mix, thank goodness for scissors!!

And reading apparently helps too???
- Jennifer

rkintn said...

I think anyone belonging to PETA oughta be set swimming with the sea kittens LOL What a damn goofy buncha tree huggers! People wantin' to treat animals better than other people?! Craziest thing goin' if you ask me. Now, I'm off to try the bacon and chocolate thing LOL (not really, but the thought did cross my mind:) )

Sarah J. said...

Morning Cow Guy! Tell your lovely wife thank you for the comments! I thought my mom was the only one reading my blog :) And please tell your son-in-law Happy Veterans Day. Marines are very special in my book. Have a good day!

Mary ann said...

You should try to get to the MN State Fair sometime, Jace. You wooldn't believe all the food you can get on a stick. Last time I was there, my favorite was Key Lime Pie on a stick. But I hear they have mac 'n cheese on a stick, too. They weren't edible, but in '08 the quilt exhibit even had quilts on a stick!