Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wine, Women, And Song.

WINE! Salute! Cheers! I coulda swore I wore underpants! MORE WINE!

My bloggin' buddy Katie is a pretty cool chick. She and her ol' man Clyde own themselves a right respectable lil' winery down south here a piece in Steelville, Missouri. Katie needed a frame, I make frames. I needed wine. Katie and Clyde make wine. Katie likes frames. I like wine.

We made a trade. I think I got the best part of this deal. I'm pretty certain of it.

Pugsly, my FedEx dude... wait. Wait. Yes, my FedEx drivers name is Pugsly. That's what he answers to. Yes, he looks just like a grown up version of Pugsly from The Adams Family. He's pretty cool. He likes delivering at our shop, usually just hangs out for awhile and visits.

Anyway, Pugsly pulls in and brings me in a box, I read the label and start ripping the box to shreds like a rabid dog after some sort of imaginary mailman leg in the box. I pull out a bottle of their Huzzah Valley Sweet Rosé AND a bottle of their Late Harvest Chardonel Dessert White.

I looked at Pugsly and said "You gotta go now. Goodbye" I ran to the house, briefly had the thought that it'd be awful if I fell right then... blew through the back door, slid to a stop in front of Sally and said....

"Wine. I'm thirsty."

Sal said "Me too."

Half a bottle later of the Huzzah and I was chasing Sally 'round the kitchen island like some sex crazed middle aged guy with a beard that plays mandolin, has cows and does woodworking. It was an amazing transformation. Utterly amazing.

Seriously folks, if you wanna taste some of the finest wine that comes from my home state here, this stuff is it. They've got a pretty extensive list of wines AND they do mail order and internet sales. You don't even have to get outta bed. Is America great or what?? I mean it!

Here's all their pertinent info.

Peaceful Bend Vineyard (click that like crazy)

Or give 'em a call 573-775-3000. If you live in CA, CO, ID, IL, IA, MN, MO, NM, OR, WA, WS, WV you're just a click or a phone call away from having this wonderful elixir of life and marital bliss, speeding it's way to your door via your very own Pugsly.

If by chance Katie or Clyde answers the phone themselves... just tell 'em you want the "Jace Special". It'll be good for a laugh anyhow when they say "whaaattt?"

Okay, music next. We played at one of our regular gigs the other night and it was a cooooolllldddd one. Pretty light crowd because of the temps, but we sure outdid the bar across the street. I think I saw one truck over there all night long and it belonged to the owner. HA!

As always, we had a barrel of fun.

And we shot the second episode of North Missouri Woodworking. It went awesomely and we had a great time and loosened it up a bit this time. Here I am suffering under the heat of all the lights. No I don't know what they're all there for... other than I need all the help I can get to look good.

Sorry... no women pics. I lied about that part.

Have a great one! CHEERS!!



Jerry said...

Well, now, I consider Martina and Mary Beth both women, so you posted a women pic after all.

How come I can't get any wine in Michigan???? Must be my gov'mint protecting me, eh?

I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Episode 1!!!!! I got it ordered in spite of the gal mixing up nearly every number I gave her. If the episodes keep coming, can I get a subscription for a reduced price? :)

Katie said...

LOL - The Jace Special will come wrapped in bacon and peanut butter.

Hahaha....glad to hear that the wine was enjoyed by a big TV star and that there were no injuries involved in drinking our wine. (Wish I could claim the same!) Hope the second bottle is as fun. Cheers!