Friday, May 29, 2009

Her Name Was Christina

We played a gig a couple of evenings ago that turned out to be... interesting... but in the midst of anything there's always something cool that comes of every situation, this one was Christina.

The folks that had hired us wanted the band set up before guests came and it wasn't possible for us to get there early enough on Thursday evening to get it done, it had to be done on Wednesday evening. Everyone else in the band was busy busy so after Marybeth dropped off the system I got it set up... but not by myself. I made a new friend that was just 'bout the sweetest child I've ever met in my life.

I was carrying stuff in the back door and she came from across the rented hall and kinda stood and watched me for awhile, edging in closer to me every trip I made in. Finally she spoke.

Christina: I'm Christina

Me: I'm Jace. How are you?

C: I'm fine. Are you the coach?

Me: Coach?

C: You know, the coach of the band.

Me: Ohhhhh. Nope, we don't have a coach, I'm just a musician. I play and sing in the band.

C: I thought bands had coaches.

Me: Beats me, but we don't have one.

C: Are you a boy band or a girl and boy band?

Me: We're a girl and boy band.

C: How many girls are in your band?

Me: 2.

C: Was that one of the girls that drove away while ago?

Me: Yup, that was Mary Beth. The other girl is Martina. Do you know Martina?

C: No, I'm not from here.

Me: Martina sings beautifully and is very pretty. You'll like her.

C: What are the boys names in your band?

Me: There's Louie, Ronnie and me.

C: What kind of music do you play?

Me: It's a very unusual kind, it's called Americana. We have LOTS of fun and everyone else does too.

Then she helped me unwind some cables and was fascinated with our stage lights and she said she was real excited to hear us play the next night and then she looked to the far end of the building and squealed "THERE'S MY GRANDPA!" and she disappeared.

We got to the hall the next evening and there was Christina already sitting at a table with a friend of ours, directly in front of the band. She never left that spot all night. Another friend of ours came along and asked her if she was with the band and she said "No." He asked if she knew anyone in the band and she said matter of factly....

"Yes, I know Jace."

She buddied up with Sal and was enthralled with Martina and her voice. We've got a song that usually ends up with several "backup singers" from the audience joining us on stage. Wagon Wheel and Sal got Christina up there and she did a great job tearing it up with us.

I never asked her her last name, all I got was just Christina. We told her we'd be playing another time in a couple of weeks and she ran and asked her Grandma if she'd be here then and she was big time excited to let Sally know that she WAS gonna be there. Sal told her she was gonna have to sing Wagon Wheel with us again. She just stood there and beamed.

There's always something good to come of everything.

Me and my little red headed buddy, Christina. What a joyful and perfect little human bean.



Anonymous said...

It don't get no better'n that, Jace!

Cute little redhead who likes Sal, digs the music and grooves with Martina. Next thing you know you'll have another backup singer then maybe another lead singer. I think LeAnn Rimes started about that age.

KEOTA Rules !

Fancy Schmancy said...

Damn, she's cute. You can see her personality about a mile away! I have a great niece about that age and it never fails to amaze me what what whip smart, funny little individuals they can be.

Rae said...

They say kids can see the inner you that ya try to hide. Well she found you out. You gotta a heart of mush you old fool. Your just an old softie. Such a sweet little girl.

rebelsrider said...

I love it, Jace! You remind me of me. Every time we camp I end up with someone's child hanging out at my camp. Last time it was Brandon, who ended up wearing my boots (and socks), sitting on my horse and sleeping on a make-shift bed in my camper next to my dog. For some reason I get all teary eyed thinking of Brandon.

Susan said...

Looks like the recent epidsode of America's got TALENT!! Great picture!!

Clyde said...

She is adorable. I will now call her the original "Keota Cutie Patootie"

Neat post - I enjoy watching the kid/band interactions around here. Last weekend we had a drummer playing something called a 'whackadoo' and you would not believe how the kids just sat there enthralled by the performance.

Then they formed a mob and stormed the stage after the show.

Gwen said...


You make my cold, stony heart swell.

Cora said...

Awwwwww, how cute! :-)

chicamom85 said...

What a nice story, thanks for sharing that.

mo.stoneskin said...

Very cute. Love the way you held us in suspense. You have a very small guitar are you sure it fits?

Jerry said...

What a great story! I remember you had a dry spell with posting once - guess that's gone, eh? You've always got something interesting, funny, or both to say!

Thanks for a nuther great read!!

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm sure you made her evening. When my grandson was about three we went to the festival our town has every year. He stood right in front of the stage the whole time. During their first break the drummer gave him some drum sticks. He still remembers it now, four years later.

Vicky said...

You know what? She will remember you for the rest of her life! That was worth taking a bath for, wasn't it?

Reenie said...

Vicky Funny. You Amazing. xo

Char said...

Awe, what a little cutie. And, how sweet of you to make her feel welcome. You ole softie, you.

Nej said...

She'll remember that day for quite some time, if not forever. Talking to someone you don't know takes some guts. I love it!!!

Greenmare said...

oh she is just toooooo precious, and she looks like she would fit right in with the band. well except for that drinking stuff.

Sassy Britches said...

I am SO with Rae. That little one had your a good way!