Thursday, May 7, 2009


Gwen over at Everything I Love Causes Cancer insisted that everyone play along and have a show and tell.


So I'm a good bloggin' fool and here's my examples of "clothing I can't throw away".

I couldn't narrow it down to just one article, 'cause there's 3 that fall into the category for me and quite frankly, I have no idea how I've hung on to these things all these years. When I divorced I had a whole bunch of artifacts that became... gone. There are photographs that I'd love to have and stuff like that, but oh well. That's a whole nuther thing. Anyway we'll start off with number 3.

A gray sweatshirt that is now almost devoid of sleeve cuffs and has many more holes and stains in it than what's showing in this picture of me and Ruby the genius sheep. The shirt is monogrammed with the name of the gunshop that I owned for a buzillion years. I love this old shirt, it makes me happy when I wear it. Ruby, by the way passed away this past winter. It ain't the same 'round here missing her greeting us with her obnoxious bleating whenever she saw us in the yard.

The next shirt is "Wilson". I can't remember where this came from but I've had it forever. Nicky my daughter became so ashamed of it at one point she hid it from me. It reappeared when it came up in conversation later on. The shoulders of it are so full of holes it looks like I've been shot with a shotgun.

And finally, an artifact from about 1973 or so. Somehow I've hung onto this, and the peculiar thing is that nothing else I could have held onto would have capitalized my youthful stupidity better than this. It's worn thin and the transfer is flaky crusty. More than anything it probably states the places I've been and the bus I took to get there.

Gwen. I hope you're happy.



Dr Zibbs said...

Panama Red!!!

That one is a classic.

You need to frame that one.

Cora said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiice!! :-)

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Those are some seriously loved shirts!!!

Good work.

Candy's daily Dandy said...
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Gwen said...

Relentlessly? I don't know how y'all measure in the country but one request and a second gentle prod . . . wait. Oh. Nevermind.


I've been waiting all day for our first "my family tried to get rid of it" story and here we are! Classic.

You made me a very happy pest, indeed. Thanks.

But what's up with that funny cigarette?

Sass said...

I have sat here for five minutes trying to figure out how to pronounce Panama.

I am an idiot.

Jerry said...

I'm all caught up on your bloggin' now that I'm back from a conference. I don't have any "old friends" like that. The ones I develop a comfortable relationship with ('cause of the holes and the glue and the paint, etc.) just end up gone one day. Poof! I know Anne wouldn't do that..... would she?


Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

Pretty much all of my husband's shirts look a lot like yours...not good, not good at all.

Stacie's Madness said...

lol, I am a purger, so I couldn't come up with ANYTHING to play along.

Phat Mama said...

Some things are just comfort - like clothes that make us look homeless. :)

Fancy Schmancy said...

Have you posted a story on Ruby the genius sheep that I need to go look for, or will you?

Greenmare said...

Nice. don't let anyone get rid of them. We can always make them into a quilt.

Rae* said...

Visit my blog. I have nominated your blog for an award. Post it so everyone can vote.

Rae* said...

Guess I forgot to give you my blog address so you can get your nomination. Duh!

~E said...

Frame that last shirt. That way it doesn't crumble into nothingness!