Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Done

"It" being a CD that our band, Keota has been working on a bit at a time for a couple of weeks now. We had done a few songs in a studio near here but none of us were really happy with the quality that we ended up with. The fella that's been working with us is a heckuva nice guy and definitely knows what he's doing.

Bob does this as a hobby in his spare time and has a small studio in his basement... but a little too small for us, so he brought his studio over to R and MB's and set it up in the living room and dining room. How much more comfortable can you be?

It's been some very long days and very late nights and honestly last night I don't know how long they stayed at it. R had to do some fills, the girls had some backup vocals and harmonies to do and other stuff. I had went in and played the mandolin track on 2 different songs and thought that I was all done. I got home (10 miles away) and was crashed on the couch and R called and asked if I was gonna do a mando track on Cherokee Boogie.


I didn't wanna go back to town so R just layed down another guitar track and called it good. lol

The songs all have to be mixed and finished up so probably a couple of weeks before we have it done.

Today we're shooting a North Missouri Woodworking show up at Cardwell lumber. Cardwell's is a huge sawmill and lumber business that's worldwide in sales of wine and whiskey barrel staves and barrel tops and bottoms. It's where I buy most of the lumber that I use in my shop and it oughta be a fun one.



Scope said...

Keep us posted on where we can buy a copy.

You know we're all buying copies, right?

April said...

YEA!!! I know how long that can take and how exhausting it can be. Let us know when they are ready!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Slackers! Now get back up and finish those tracks!!

I'll take one whiskey barrel PLEASE!

Happy Friday Eve
- Jennifer

Nej said...

Can't wait to be able to buy a copy!!! Keep us posted!

mo.stoneskin said...

Mate now you're making me wanna get my guitar and play. I can't, I'm in a pub, writing tomorrow's post. I haven't played more than twice in a couple of months, my fingers are baby-soft, it is a travesty.

~E said...

When should I be expecting the iTunes version so I can buy a few songs?