Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walmart... Wal Mart... Wal Mark... WalMart... whatever.

I don't usually just snag stuff that's been sent in my email and throw 'em up on my blog, but this one cracked me up to smithereenies.

Click it to enbiggen it for your home or work computer viewing pleasure. Feel free to print it out and play! I could fill the damned thing completely out every trip I've ever been in there...



WowsRose said...

So I had to go grocery shopping Monday and I could not get home fast enough. Between Walmart and Shop n' Save, I seen every single one of those.

Bonus: the white girl with 3+ mulatto children was the knocked up tramp stamp girl.

Bonus x2: I'm the one buying diapers and beer.


Char said...
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Char said...

Not to mention sandals with kneehigh socks (which could be 95% of the customers down here). And, ewe, toddlers picking their noses.

Cora said...

I just got back from Walmart and can't stop laughing now, Cowguy. I saw about half the characters on that bingo card... and I was only in the store ten minutes buying one item.

Sass said...


I hate FartMart.

I'm just sayin'.

Jerry said...

Haven't been there in a while. Gotta go. What's the Bingo prize? :)

Amy Kate said...

I don't know if I can type because I'm laughing so hard at WowsRose saying "mulatto" in her comment.

I saw this BINGO card, and have to say we came up with something disturbingly similar while touring the suburban fest circuit last summer - FESTO. Sadly, a lot of the characters are the same, also sad is that it was written on my hand in ballpoint pen, which means that when I woke up the next morning, it was all over my face, too.

Cynthia said...

Just a bit south of you and I promise...I could fill up that card on one trip....and I call it:

AZ hiding in the weeds said...

That BINGO card missed one...

Going to the ladies room and finding a pair of old dirty sneakers abandoned by the toilet and all the packaging from a new pair tossed in the waste paper basket.

mo.stoneskin said...

That is awesome.

You fill one out every time and store them in a chronological file right? You should.

I would love to make my own.

Someone in a t-shirt that is heinously tight. Check.

Thong showing. Check.

Lady struggling in heels making her walk like a baby giraffe. Check.

Yuppy in pink tie. Check.

Susan said...

What else can you say?

And when you go after 10pm - it's even scarier.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Hint: I'm the child without shoes! Yeah baby!

I'll make copies and stick them in the glove box as I frequent Walmart!

- Jennifer

Erzebat said...

(singing tather badly) lets go to wally world, wally world, wally world....... love the bingo card, Have sent it to my quilting buddies(grin) gonna post it to the evil blog and give ya credit for it! I live in southeast Va, first of the month....all of those people are there! (mauh)Liz