Monday, June 15, 2009

The War Of My Generation

You people that read my blog come from a broad spectrum of ages. I have regular readers that are in their early 20's all the way to folks near 70. I'm thankful for every one of you and glad that I can make you laugh, spew your coffee, or just involve you in part of my life that you in some way can align yourself. I'm a fortunate man to be able to convey thoughts in my mind to my hands, to my laptop in a manner that keeps you interested. Very fortunate.

War and killing has been a part of the world since the beginning of time. Cain killed his brother Abel... and it hasn't stopped since. I'm not naive enough to remotely think that we can have a world without war, it's not possible. When you're the "power that be" you have to defend that power, and there is always another country that thinks it can knock you down from that power.... and the power must be defended to ensure the sanctity and security of our nation. I don't always understand the reasons that a particular war comes about, but we sit around and talk with clever conjecture, knowing in our own minds why a particular war came to be, and we are eager to tell our opinion on that subject to nearly any soul that shows the tiniest bit of interest in actually listening to our opinion.

Everyone has an ass and an opinion, that doesn't mean everyone wants the details of either one.

What I'm gonna bring into your home or office today is not a work of mine, it's a video. A video about a man from my generation that went to war in Viet Nam and came home with unresolved feelings that he carried for many many years.

I need to warn you, I watched this video and wept... you will as well, but the courage and the integrity shown by this man from my generation, attempting to do what's right to set his heart right... and the heart of a woman in a far away land... it's seldom seen in our society today of "me me me me" and "give it to me".

Here's the link to the video.

I'll be funny later on. I promise.



Em said...

Thank you.

My father was a Green Beret in the years leading up to Vietnam. He doesn't talk much about it. I can only imgaine why.

Cora said...

*sniff* Ohhh, you were right about that. That really touched me. Powerful stuff. Beautiful!

Rae said...

Very moving. What a man of integrity.
War is so ugly. So often the soul of the shooter is wounded as deeply as the person who took the bullet. Why oh why?????

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Awww Cowguy, that was beautiful.

Thank you.

Char said...

Very moving. It was so kind of him to return the photo...and in person. So touching. Amazing that there seemed to be no bitterness from the soldier's family.

Michael in AZ said...

Speechless and tearful

Fancy Schmancy said...

You can't watch that and not cry. I can't believe his courage, or her ability to forgive. Sometimes people can still amaze my cynical heart - in a good way.

Greenmare said...

oh, oh my goodness. thank you for sharing that one. I cannot imagine what it took for both of them. wow.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I can't watch it. I can't cry today!

- Jennifer

Jerry said...


It's easy for us to forget war is people killing other people.


Thanks, Jace.

debijeanm said...

I weep.

Thank you.