Monday, July 27, 2009

Sing Your Guts Out, Girl.

I am gonna soak up your time with music videos today. Hooray for me!!

I was working yesterday in the shop, doing kinda mundane work where my mind wanders. I went out in the yard where my mind had wandered off too, put it back on it's leash and jabbed it back in my punkin... ah hem... anyway, I had a song super stuck in the vast expanse of my brain. That song? "Baby It's You." Now wait... not the Beatles bubble gummy version, not the Shirelles version from 61, but the wailing your lungs out version from "Smith".

Smith was a one hit band, and THIS was it. Gayle McCormick, a local girl from St. Louis could fling it out there. So here you go, Baby It's You being introduced by Leslie Uggums. Dig that headband, looks like beer tabs with a thing in front that seems to keep making the poor girl crosseyed.

And then, you know how I am with Youtube, I got started watching videos, but I'm selective. I'm calling this little montage trio of videos... "White Girls Singing Their Balls Off". Here's Janis tearing it up and wrong side out with a song you don't get to hear much. "To Love Somebody"... The Bee Gees shoulda went to prison for what they did to this. Seriously.

Lastly... I've got Melissa. I saw her do this exact performance on Letterman one night in about 92 or 93 or so. I'd not heard of her before then and I watched her wailing her heart out, loving the music that she was playing, that gravely voice that she put it all into. I thought, eh she's a little butch looking in those pants, but I could fall in love with her. Then like a week later she broke my heart and announced she was a lesbian and had no need for a man like me.

Eh well. That's the way it goes. Melissa Etheridge, "I'm The Only One".


Jerry said...

Well, that was fun! I don't remember Smith (great job, tho) but Janis and Melissa - whew! I shoulda spent more time with music and less time on, well, whatever else I spent the last 50 years on.... :)

Thanks, Cowguy!! 'Nuther great post!

Scope said...

SOrry, got so caught up in listening, and getting caught up, that I forgot to comment.

There, I doubled the amount of comments this post got. Like some kind a super hero, I am.