Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Thing I Heard

Jake and his best friend and I were sitting, talking, stretching truths and flat out eliminating others the other evening. Talk turned to bars and then went to one night in particular at Jake's hangout of choice.

Jake and C were tossing down a few and according to C, Jake was past the point of good sense. Sitting at the bar was Bubba (name changed to protect everyone involved in a 40 mile radius). Now Bubba is an imposing figure. Large doesn't cover it. He's well known for his fighting ability and actually... I've never heard of him actually losing a fight. Hell he worked for me for about a year, many years ago and back then I was impressed daily at his strength and agility for a man his size.

At any rate, Bubba is a guy that you wanna have for a friend. If you're needing to go on home and see Jesus... Bubba would be the guy to walk up to and spew vile things about his sweet dear momma and the sprouting of angel wings and your flight towards heaven would commence.

So according to C, Jake said, in his stupor and most likely just to see what C would say in response... "50 bucks and I'll go punch Bubba in the head".

Understand that Jake IS a bad ass. He is not a fighter however. Everyone loves the guy and wants to buy him drinks and stuff like that. So when he spouts off something like this... it's the liquor and humor talking.

C told him "I ain't got 50 bucks and if I did... I like you too much to throw it down"

And the line that is the thing I heard that ruined me for a long long long time... was this.

C: "Punch Bubba in the head and you'll be getting crayons for your birthday for the next 30 years."


I've got a faithful follower and reader of S&C that misses the "Hoo Boy" under my picture at the top where it says inna gadda da vida baby now. Voice your opinions on if you want it back back back, cousin.



The Retired One said...

I say to change the caption every week and put a new one.
That will keep everybody entertained.
Or..better yet, have a caption contest every week.

Sass said...

That is a great quote. I love it.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I'm going to be saying that all the time, now. Very funny! I kinda like the inagodadavita one, for what it's worth.

Gwen said...

Great. Now I want to punch Bubba in the head.

I say do what you want with your caption but if you're asking for suggestions I'd put "Curtains match the carpet." up there.

Cora said...

I miss the hoo boy too. *sniffle*

mo.stoneskin said...

I would love some crayons for my birthday.

SkylersDad said...

I had a friend like that one time, he wasn't a huge dude, but was a Navy Seal and had that "aura of respect". A marine at a bar was trying to goad him into a fight, telling him his ninja moves weren't going to save him, crap like that. RJ said the best line I ever heard, "if you and I go into a phone booth with a knife, I know who is walking out". I will always remember that.

Jerry said...

Cheers for another great post! I'm glad Jake had a good bud there. Laying rubber is a lot more impressive than drawing trees and houses with crayons.

I like the Inna Gadda caption under the current pic. It's perfect. I think the "Hoo Boy" should be under the "Hoo Boy" pic down under "About Me".

I'm also good with whatever you come up with. It's your blog and I like it a lot for everything it is, not what it ain't.

ettarose said...

Punch Bubba in the head? Not for 50 million bucks! I love your caption. But that is just me. Brings back memories, good ones.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the chorus in the sequel to "Bubba Shot the Jukebox".

"Bubba hit him so hard he's only using crayons now"

As far as the ina. . . . whatever, I'm too damn old to get the drift!

But I do understand "Hoo Boy" !!

Vicky said...

ROFLOL. OMG, I just peed my pants!! :)

Hoo boy .......

Scope said...

I was just thinking you got the makings of a damn funny song going there, too.

And "Mr. Either / Or" put both pictures up. Or you like teasin' the ladies like that?

Candy's daily Dandy said...

You better put "HOO BOY" back up there or I'm a tellin Bubba...