Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Labor Day Weekend Y'all

You know the rules of no wearing of the white after Labor Day... so how much more perfect could the timing be to take up BBQ sauce artisting. And what better timing for me to post a video and take the cheap way out of a blog post.

Seriously though... I was entertained like crazy by this video.

I'm Jace. I'm a redneck.

Here's the link if the embedding doesn't work for you.

So long summer! Buh bye!



Gwen said...

Two of my favorite gals and I got together last night and had a White Pants Blowout Party. We wore all white and ate ribs.

Cora said...

And mom always said not to play with my food. Pfffft!

Scope said...

Sweet Baby Rays was that cool! That K.C. Masterpiece hit the Bullseye with me.

Jerry said...

Pretty awesome talent!

I'm hungry. :)

Char said...

Okay, now I have seen everything! Who knew the newest art medium would be BBQ sauce painting. It surely had to be Masterpiece!

Have a good weekend!

The Retired One said...

The bad thing about wearing white and eating BBQ is that it looks like a Labor Day Massacre movie. At least it would for ME.
I love me some BBQ.

Greenmare said...

are my eyes deceiving me or was that Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce? perfect!! edible art!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

First he starts with some blobs in the middle, then jumps to the right top corner, does wiggling around with ribs, does fine dabbing underneath that, and then jumps back to the blobs and the finishes of the dabbing and before you know it, a FACE! I always thought artists started in one place and stayed put until that part was done. Boy, do I have BBQ sauce on my face.

Rebecca said...

Didja notice that eventually he did use a tool?

(A rib, for detail work)

BusyBee said...

Didja also notice he took the week off???? Hello? Is this still on?