Friday, September 4, 2009

Things Heard In A Hayfield.

E pulled into the hayfield I was mowing in a couple of evenings ago and stopped me.

E. "You probably wanna stop mowing."

Me. "Why's that?"

E. "Balers broke again"

Me. "What happened this time?"

E. "Computer went wacky and was throwing error codes"

Me. "What'd the screen say?" *like I could do anything about it*

E. "WHOA MOTHER*****R!!!"

Me. "I'm going home..."

E. "Me too"



Courtney said...

I hate when that happens...

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I would hate to hear what a GPS would tell me.

Gwen said...

Who knew the computer on a baler could understand and execute hyperbole?

SkylersDad said...

If I wrote error codes, they would all be cuss words.

Scope said...

Ah, for the good old days when if the baler had an I/O problem, it would just take out a sheer pin.

Jerry said...

Yep, Scope, those were the good old days. :)

"Whoa Mother*****r!!!"


The Retired One said...

If I had one, it would probably give some dramatic hiccups and just stop...just like all other mechanical things I touch. Probably my magnetic personality.