Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Sawdust And Cowpies. The Top 5 Posts From The Past year.

Actually I couldn't get it down to 5 so it's 6.  I can't help myself.   It's been a year hasn't it?   Lots of  stuff happened, some good, some bad some hilarious.   I'm not spending a lot of time spewing with the introduction, 'cause I really would like you to peruse some of my best work from last year.

Slot #6 is filled with this post mostly for one picture where woobs were discovered. 

#5 is this jewel where I have my way with that slut Heidi. 

#4 I told y'all about things you'll hear when working cattle with a bunch of hard core old farts. 

#3  A road trip with the band Keota... playing from the back of a pickup truck.   
There's a shot of Sal in this post that is so totally bitchin... I wish there were 2 of her for me to fall in love with. :-)

#2  I let y'all into my high school class of 1976 with no shame what so ever.

#1 And finally, what may be my best work... ever.  I poured my heart and soul into this one, #300 post, registering the most comments I've ever had on a post.  My entire life from birth til now in one post. 

Thanks to all my friends in the blog world and in person here with me that bother to read my blog every single time I throw some of my punkin' filling out here on the internets for all to see.   2010 here I come.  No pants this time!

Love you all.





Jerry said...

I still like the party in a pickup best of all, but post #300 runs a very close second. Thanks for all the fun and even a little learnin'!

The Lone Star Queen said...

Love the entire life post!

Oh My Goddess said...

I went to each link and left comments after reading.

You are one in a million!

Happy 2010!

WowsRose said...

Emma wants to know why her day of birth didn't make it on the #300 post!!

The Retired One said...

No..thank YOU...for your twisted, hilarious, wicked and awesome sense of humor and way of writing it all down for us that makes us want to pee our pants. (Ummm...about that....)

Michael in AZ said...

Please....wear pants.