Friday, December 26, 2008

Freakin' Friday Night Videos!

I'm such a Youtube junkie, it's a bad deal. I'm only slightly ashamed of the fact, not enough to cower and hide my laptop screen, mind you... but still. I get so totally hung up in the YT loop it's amazing. I went to find a song that I wanted to hear and I end up watching a bear beating up a baboon with boxing gloves. How the hell does that happen?

Anyway, this first vid that I've saved from parts unknown and uploaded to Blogger's video thingamabob is... it's odd. It's fairly long and I apologize for that, but what this man does with his neck, holy crap. Chiropractors everywhere dream of patients like this guy. I give you "Elvis Mokko!"

The next one displays an invention that borders in significance to the wheel, fire, and aluminum scoop shovels. This guy needs a Nobel prize or some dang thing. I want one. Also this is real relevant for me today. I've had a bit of a "bug".

Pray for peace at the Cowguy household.

And lastly, a video of myself and my son Jake from many MANY years ago. My daughter and son in law unthreaded this from some ancient video tape and got it up on youtube. We have called this "the Christmas bird" video for years. It goes from the annoyance of a young pre-pubescent squeaking like a demented brain damaged bird, hogging the camera... to getting hit in the head by a bird on a stick whipped across the room.

Lookie at how much hair I had and how dark it was... and a miniature Jake.

That's all folks!



Sassy Britches said...

My word! I've heard of "lift with the knees, not the back," but I'm not sure where this one fits in!

Quality invention...I hope your "bug" goes away soon. :)

You can tell Jake is your son; you guys totally look alike! I must say, though, that the hair on your head and face looks way more distinguished now!

Tigger said...

I just played the Jake video for the Peanut. Here's the playback after she figured out I knew you:

Peanut: " old is Jake?"
Me: "I think he's 23-ish."
Peanut: "He does NOT look 23 in that video."
Me: "That's 'cause he's like 12 in the video."
Peanut: "dang. Why can't he be 12 now?"

Poor kid. All the good ones are already growed up.


Jerry said...

#1 - Incredible.
#2 - Yeah, got the number right!
#3 - No wonder you hit him in the head last Saturday. LOL!!

Sally said...

My grandson needs that invention. It sure would save on toilet paper.

Jake sure was a cutie pie!

Jennifer and Sandi said...



Dr Zibbs said...

I've seen the chair dude. Insane!