Friday, December 5, 2008

The Toad Got It.

So going back to this post you'll remember 'bout my toad. The one down in the basement. Well, being as we're in an old old farmhouse, we usually get a few mice that try to come in when winter comes and stake a claim... I'm not real jiggy with that whole plan, so I set traps. I'm pretty good at it too. I usually get up in the morning and go run the trap line and see if any meeses met their demise overnight.

I was all in a hurry this morning, we taped 2 more episodes of North Missouri Woodworking today and I had to get going, but about 6:30 am I heard a trap in the basement *SNAP!*.

I finally got time this evening to run down there. One trap sitting in front of the furnace tripped... no mouse. And then I looked over by the floor drain... the toad.

I came upstairs and told Sal.

Me: My toad got smacked by a mousetrap.

Sal: (who hates the toad and all that he represents and is completely creeped out by the fact that there is a toad in our basement.) *excited* REALLY?

Me: Yeah, he doesn't look so hot.

Sal: It's not dead?

Me: He's got a boo boo on his forehead, I'm gonna check on him in the morning.

Sal: *incredulous* What?

Me: Yeah, I think he's a little dazed right now. I'd put a bandaid on his little toady punkin but I don't think it'd stick and it might just make him crazy.

Sal: You need to shoot it.

Me: Shoot it? SHOOT IT?

Sal: Yeah, that thing just totally creeps me out. There's more of 'em down there you know. I saw 2 little toads the other day when I was down there. *shivers*

Me: You can't just go shootin' a person's toad just 'cause he got his punkin popped a little by a Victor mouse trap. I think he'll be alright. Hell honey, he's been down there over 3 years.

Sal: I can't believe this. You're actually gonna go check on him?

Me: Well yeah. That's a pretty doggone good toad down there honey. We've kinda connected. I think he knows me when he sees me.

Sal: *rolling her eyes*

Me: Maybe he'll grow a new head if that one falls off.

Sal: That's lizards and it's their tails, not their heads.

Me: Prove it.

Sal: *more eye rolling*

So, I'm gonna go down there in the morning and check on his toady little head and see how things are humming for him. I might take him a bug or something... if I can find one.


Greenmare said...

does he need me to make him a quilt? A little toady quilt? with bug fabric?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to kiss his boo-boo all better !!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I think I need a drink............

Sally said...

LOL@Jennifer & Sandi

Oh, if only you knew.....

Jennifer and Sandi said...

.....OH and several drinks for Sally thinks she needs them!'s the toad this morning? I'm dying to know!!!


Jerry said...

Poor little guy. Hope he's OK.

Sally said...

Oh Jerry, don't egg'm on!
Over lunch I was listening descriptions of the thing. I hear he only has one eye, I suggested the compassionate bullet in the good eye and I think Jace almost passed out with horror.
I went downstairs today with my camera to get pictures of this creature that's lived in our basement for 3 years. I can't find it. I hope I find it first tho... I have a plan....

Cowguy said...

He's in the infirmary.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Please tell me you didn't perform cptr on him......

Sally - if it every gets to be just to much for you hon, please know you're welcome in Texas!!!! We don't have basements with rogue toads running around.