Saturday, December 20, 2008

Head Em Up, Move Em Out, Run A Stick Into Your Eye

Had to move the cows over to the winter pasture a couple of days ago, pretty much uneventful... 'cept for nearly loosing an eye and punching Jake in in the head. Nicky almost caught it all in action, but not quite.

Robert hung a bale of hay on the TOD (tractor of doom) to sorta bait the cows into a nice easy move.

And as usual, it worked just dandy. A few stragglers brought up the rear outta the frame. It's a big 'ol outdoors out there.

I went down to turn the water tank on that sits behind the pond dam and as usual I played a cruel joke on myself and left the valve laying in the bottom of the water tank. The water tank was full of water... which is now solid ice. I'm just guessing Nicky was entertained by the fact that I thought I could do something about it by kicking the water tank.

No it didn't help.

Eh, there's a couple of creeks that run through this pasture and they're still running good so far, so the stock tank ain't that big of a concern.... yet. Here's hoping for a nice 2 or 3 day warm spell so I can get it all running like it's 'posed to.

We were leaving and I happened to remember a corner wire gate that I'd opened a few months ago when I was chasing a cow. This thing is NEVER opened and I ain't got a clue how the heck I remembered it being open... at least until I had to chase cows all over Hell's half acre in the middle of the night after a phone call from some poor soul that dodged cows on the road.

I got outta the truck, Jake followed me, I reached down to hook the bottom wire and ran a twig in my eye. I staggered back a bit... see that little bent over Elm sprout? Yeah, in my near blinded state I backed into it, flailed my arms for balance. Jake happened to be RIGHT THERE behind me and while he was laughing, he caught a knuckle sandwich to the punkin' in my effort to keep my balance. I mean a good one too! It smacked like a raw steak hittin' the skillet.

It was his turn to stagger back.

I'm right on the other side of him in this "almost perfectly mistimed shot" holding my eye while he rubs his face.

Jake: I CANNOT believe you just punched me in the head!

Me: I think I just lost my right eye!

Jake: You almost broke my glasses!

Me: Is my eyeball bleedin'?

Jake: That REALLY hurts man!

Me: It's all blurry. I think I scratched it.

Jake: *looking at his glasses now* I can't believe you punched me!

Me: What the heck did I jab my eye on?

Jake: Would you shutup about your stupid eye? You just punched me in the head!

Me: My eye is more important than your head, for crying out loud...

As you can see it did NOT degenerate into a "pitiful me" discussion... it started there and never left.

Here we are still whining 'bout our massivie individual injuries. God love Nicky for never stopping the camera to come and check on us.

In case you're all worried and crap. My eye is fine. Jake's head is fine and so are his stupid glasses.

It's always high adventure 'round here.



Reenie said...

*snort* You had me at TOD. Good God you're funny.

I hope you had a stiffy when you got home. Ummm, that's what we call a stiff drink in my household.

Merry Blessings! I'm off to California for a few days. xoxo

Doodlebug Gail said...

Sorry Jace .... I'm with Nicky on this one - no ways would I have put down the camera to see how you were! I'd have wanted the evidence. Yeah for Nicky!

Gail L.

Jerry said...

Good to hear you guys are OK. Makes me feel better laughing about it. :)

WowsRose said...

I missed you falling into the tree because I was too busy taking pictures of Roberts impeccibly clean farm truck. I failed!

The only reason I took pics of you by the water thing was because Jake and I were sure you were going to fall down. lol

Sassy Britches said...

Nothing like having your own paparazzi crew. Your privacy will never be the same.

So glad you guys are okay!

Katie said...

Sorry to laugh at your pain, but hahahahha.

Clyde and I have a saying that we tell each other after incidents like this - "It hurts to be stupid."
Usually we wait about three days or so before we say it though. No need for any more pain than necessary. :)

Glad to hear your okay!

WowsRose said...

Katie, it's ok to laugh.

He's used to it. Just ask him about his toe the other night...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhahahahhahahhahehehheheohohoohohhoooommmggg I kill myself. lol

I laugh in love, man. lol

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Glad your both okay. It's odd laughing at your expense. Funny post on my end. Hehehehehe.

Think I'll head back to the electic blanket now.

Happy Cattle Monday!

- Jennifer

Pat H. said...

Nikky has a lot of material to practice her photo techniques on. Lets just hope she's not laughing so hard at the characters and antics that the pictures are blurry.