Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just This...

Anything that I could possibly write here this evening would pale in comparison to the pictures of this evenings sunset here in North Missouri that my wife Sally took just a few minutes ago. So with that...

Click the pics.

Have a great evening.



Jennifer and Sandi said...

Holy penguins! Those are magnificent. Our God is an awesome artist!!!


Greenmare said...

hmmm gorgeous, but it feels like something missing...... oh! it must be the 8 inches of snow I see out MY window! ;-)

gracie said...

Can HE paint or can HE paint!!!

We miss that view across your yard and up the it June yet?


Jerry said...

We saw a pretty awesome sunset when we were leaving your house, Jace, and we stopped and got a few shots of it. You guys are blessed there!

Anonymous said...

You said it by not saying it. Shane

Katie said...

I covet your wide open skies.
All my sunset shots have lots of tree silhouettes in the way....the cost of living in the forest I guess! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.
Cheers, Katie

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Beautiful Photo's

PIG ROLL OVER VIDEO now on our blog. Pigs runnin around. I didn't think the news would have anything on the roll over but they did.

Happy Thursday

- Jennifer

ahr8tch said...


Sally did a great job framing those shots! Super composition when most folks would just click away instead of thinking about the framing so carefully.

Dr Zibbs said...

Wow. Great shots!