Monday, October 5, 2009

Guitars Cadillacs And Hillbilly Music

A couple of weekends ago we spent a nice looong weekend at Bloomfield, Iowa at a music festival up there. I believe up until this year it's always been called a "Bluegrass" festival and this year was just called Bloomfield Music Festival. Anyhow Sal I went up and camped out with few thousand other folks... I don't know how many for sure but they had 500 camping units (rv's, campers etc) registered, plus tents everywhere.

Our band Keota doesn't quite fit the Bluegrass groove, our style of music is... different. ;-) It falls into the genre of Americana music. We play a few traditional bluegrass tunes, but more Country, some classic rock songs and blues. At any rate, the old hardcore bluegrass folks sometimes can be a little snooty when you wheel out a tune that you ain't singing through your nose. We worry 'bout that for 'bout 15 seconds and then just play what we want and have a blast.

We sat up playing on Friday night until 2 am and called it quits at 3 am Sunday morning. Pretty much non stop music. We played with some very gifted musicians, had one little gal that stopped by our camp and wanted to sing for us... and she could totally wail. If you take off walking in any direction in the campgrounds at night you'll find musicians set up and playing. Other musicians wandering around with a guitar or a banjo or a fiddle in their hands looking for a new group to play with. It's truly magical. People that look like they couldn't play a lick just totally blow you away with their talents.

We played on the flatbed trailer stage (LOL) one evening and drew in a real nice crowd. We figured that the crowd would either sit there and wonder "what the hell is this?" or we'd keep 'em busy enough that they'd love us.

They loved us. :-)

Here's a bunch of pictures from the weekend. Musicians, old timers, young people, one grandma that Sally caught doing the Hula Hoop in the campground when she thought no one was watching and... Kevin and his rooster. Yes, there are characters everywhere at one of these things. lol

I got you a video at the very end of us doing Wagon Wheel. Martina didn't make it up there with us and we missed her on the harmonies, but we managed to have fun without her. :-) (XO Martina lol)

Our CD is available over to the right there on my sidebar. Order up if you haven't already. It's a doozy! We'll have you smiling, I promise!

This was our little hacienda... complete with a genuine oil painting procured at a yard sale by Mary Beth, while were there for $2. People stopping by kept looking at it but must have felt odd asking why we had a German Victorian oil painting of jealous lovers hanging under our awning. Seemed normal to us. We had LOTS of Christmas lights too! Looked great at night!

And finally the video. If the embedding doesn't work (as it does sometimes on blogger) just click the link here.



Oh My Goddess said...

You guys sound great! Thanks for sharing.

What a fun way to spend a long weekend!

SkylersDad said...

I agree, I think you sound wonderful!

Courtney said...

OMFG - Wagon Wheel is my most FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!! You guys rocked it!!!

Jennifer and Sandi said...

So they bring chickens to festivals? I'm SO SHELTERED UP HERE!

- Jennifer

Char said...

Looks like loads of fun! Uh...that rooster doesn't sing, does he?

Am still loving your CD, play it all the time.

All those pics sure make miss my old KY home.

Nej said...

There used to be a bluegrass festival in my IA home town...but when the contact ran out, it moved. Wonder if this is where it moved to???? I wanted to find out where it was, and go this year, but didn't make it.

I really, really, really still need to order that darn CD!!!! :-)

The Retired One said...

Of course they loved you guys...besides, look how cute you all are!
Glad you had a great time and let your hair down and enjoyed every minute of it.

Jerry said...

You have too much fun! Oh wait ..... "I ain't never had too much fun." LOL!

Jerry said...

You have too much fun! Oh wait ..... "I ain't never had too much fun." LOL!

Jazy said...

Hey Jase< how much is it to have your CD send to Austalia??

Penni Domikis said...

Love Love Love when you post links to music. Wish I lived closer so I could head over to the tent with all the lights.