Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sometimes The Music Makes Me Cry. (A Video)

So our band Keota was playing a gig last Saturday evening and we whipped out a couple of new songs. Just before this video started I tried to explain to the crowd that "sometimes WE are just a half a bubble off with our songwriting" and the rest of the band, in unison... declared that it was "I" who was not quite right.

I take a little pride in that.

I was out in the shop one day working and had the stupid Petticoat Junction song stuck in my head. How, you might ask does this happen. Gamma Rays and laser beams. I'm subjected to 'em all the time and this is what happens. Anyway one thing led to another and I started winging in some other television shows from that era and then sprung it on the band at a practice one evening.

Their reaction? If I remember correctly they sat and stared at me. :-)

But... it (the tune) kinda grows on you a bit I think. The few that have heard it either sit with a silly smile on their faces, or are laughing hysterically the whole time. That's a good thing.

So we whipped this sucker out the other evening, and it came out... uh... kinda loose and sloppy. The first time I watched this video, folks I sat and laughed til I cried. Hoo Boy!

Here it is in the raw, blogging world. "Tuesday Nite TV". Thank you, thank you very much.

Forgive me Jed Clampett.

(here's the URL if the embedding doesn't make it here on Blogger... )

Going to Nashville with the band for a few days, have a great weekend everyone!!



Scope said...

Man, I would kill (or more likely give a good ham & rye sandwhich) to hear ya'll do a little Hoyt Axton. "Della and the Dealer" or "Jealous Man".

(But the dog would have to be "Jace" not "Jake".)

Cynthia L. H. said...

Fun! ;^)
Looks like you had a good time! (You all had smiles on your faces...)
I loved the show Petticoat Junction...AND the Beverly Hillbillies...good memories!

SkylersDad said...

I really did love that show when I was young, and my pubescent self thought all three of the daughters were Oh, So HOT!!

Dr Zibbs said...

Love it.

When you're in Nashville, go to my favorite bar in the world - Tootsies Orchid Lounge.

Anonymous said...

DY - NOH - MITE ! !

After you guys scratch your Nashville itch, you might give some thought to visiting the TRUE music capital of the world - Austin, TX.

Seriously, there are more venues and all kinds of music in Austin. I've been to both.

Oh My Goddess said...

You did real fine, real fine.
And ya'll right purdy too!
~ Ellie Mae

The Retired One said...

I know the real motive was that you were hoping that Ellie Mae would come and give you a little lapdance in appreciation....
P.S. I heard you were a very sexual person.

Jerry said...

I remember lusting after those Petticoat Junction girls, too. LOL!

~E said...

I have no clue what Petticoat Junction is...but can I just say, that is one FANTABULOUS beard ya got goin there dude. Just simply Rockin!!!

Char said...

Have a great time in Music City!

Michael in AZ said...

Pretty darn funny