Sunday, August 3, 2008

So? I Gotta Toad In My Basement For A Pet. Doesn't Everyone?

I have a toad in my basement. I'm using the word "I" because it's definitely not Sally's toad, it's all mine. Also I'm using the word "my" when describing the basement here 'cause Sal don't like it much down there. It's mostly mine.

We live in a 1920's farmhouse with a basement that is the same age. It's just not the kind of basement that you'd want a pool table and lounge chairs and a big glamorous entertainment center in. Nope. This is the kind of basement that you'd wanna keep a toad in... and other things that you don't wanna look at much.

Oh it's clean and usually doesn't smell too funny down there, but still.

So anyhow, my toad. I've kinda lost track of just how long I've had a toad in my basement, I think about 3 years. He does real good. He eats bugs and just sits and stares at you when you go down there. Actually he's doing me a service with the bug eating business. The downside of that is he poops wherever he feels like it, not being litter box trained and stuff, you know. So when you traipse down there, shoes are a real good idea. It's all concrete, heaven forbid if we tried to put some sort of floor covering down there. Gah!

I've never named the little feller, even after all these years of him being somewhat of a companion, or at least all of a companion that a toad can be. He likes to be petted. Sits real still while I rub his toady lil' punkin, and usually gives a *chirp* and then hops of to his toady business.

He's real photogenic too. Seems to love having his picture took. I got you a nice closeup of him. Click the pic if you want the full creep out size (as Sal would call it). :-)


The second part of my blog this evening is to ask a favor.

Some very dear and close friends of Sally and I had a very tragic accident happen to their oldest daughter, Remingtyn. Remingtyn is starting the 4th grade this year and is the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. She's very special to us all here in this community.

Remingtyn and her cousin and Daddy were grooming one of their horses and for whatever reason the horse kicked and got Remingtyn in her head. She was life flighted to the big hospital south of us and is still in ICU. The injury is pretty bad, a piece of her skull had to be removed and she currently is in a drug induced sleep (not a coma). She's responsive to people and voices and frowns when the doctors and nurses mess with her... so the prognosis is very good. Infection is a huge concern right now.

My favor is for you to put Remingtyn in your prayers. I've got a pretty good load of readers here on Sawdust and Cowpies according to my stat counter, and I can only imagine the difference that y'all would make as a group with prayers for our little friend and her family right now.

Thanks folks.




Vicky said...

She's in my prayers, Jace.

gracie said...

You *KNOW* Jim and I are praying for this sweet little girl. I can still see her bouncing around your kitchen a year ago.

God is good all the time...even when it doesn't seem so....


Su Bee said...

Please let your friends know that a family in California is holding their baby up in prayer.....

And cool toad!

Oldtrailerguy said...

This is so sad Jace. Remingtyn will be on my prayer list. Be faithful and God will send healing.

Oh! the toad needs to get out more, he's lookin' a little pale.

Katie said...

Part 1: Can your toad come for a visit? I saw the biggest, hairiest spider in our basement the other day. Ran screaming from it in fact. That's why our laundry isn't done. And I need clothes soon...maybe toady can help?

Part 2: I will definitely keep Remingtyn in my prayers and hope for a full & speedy recovery for her. I would also like to send a card....would you be willing to share an address? peacefulkatieathotmaildotcom if so.

Judi B. said...

Oh Jace this hits close to home. We have a GD in Grade 4..and horse crazy. She will indeed be in our prayers. Please let us know how she is doing.

Judi B.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Something bad is wrong with that toad. He just doesn't look right. Please name him Thomas. He looks like a Thomas doesn't he?

Remingtyn is definitely in our prayers for healing. Her parents will will also be in our prayers.